Aqui te ofrezco una buena cantidad de vocabulario para mejorar tu nivel. Es un vocabulario un tanto especial recopilado por la lectura de varios autores, cuyo aprendizaje te será útil para leer todo tipo de novelas. Espero que lo disfrutes.

ABASH, TO The two men went out of the room, somewhat ABASHED, and left the women together avergonzar, abashment=sonrojar
ABOVE BOARD Everything I've done has always been perfectly straightforward and ABOVEBOARD franco, sincero, a vista de todos, 
ABRADE, TO Until he'd ABRADED  away enough of the ice so that the surface was rough enough desgastar por rozamiento, descarnar
ABSTRACTION FASHION He was fond of chocolates, and ate a good many in an ABSTRACTED FASHION de manea distraida; abstracted= distraido, olvidadizo
ACCOMPLISH Svetlana was not just an extraordinary dancer but also an ACCOMPLISHED actress perfecto, acabado, consumado; acomplishment=consumación, ejecución
ACCOST, TO He was ACCOSTED  by a stern male voice abordar, emprender con
ACME It can only be described as the ACME of respectability cima, pináculo, cumbre (fig) apogeo, auge
ACQUAINTANCE A pleasure to make your ACQUAINTANCE hecho de conocerse entre si
ACQUIESCENCE Hermia was clearly relieved at my ACQUIESCENCE aquiescencia, consentimiento, conformidad; acquiesce, to=asentir, consentir
ACUMEN I could  only set my own inherent belief in Poirot's ACUMEN cacumen, agudeza, sutileza, perspicacia
ACUTE I was silent. My sympathy was too ACUTE to be put into words agudo, perspicaz, ingenioso
ADROITLY With his foot he kicked the tufts of hair ADROITLY under the nearest table hábilmente, diestramente; adroit= diestro, hábil, mañoso
AGOG I was AGOG with curiosity con viva curiosidad, anioso, anhelante
AILMENTS In most AILMENTS, he had, I knew, always consulted a doctor immediately dolencia, achaque, indisposiciones
AJAR There was a small outer fitter, empty, and a door marked  "private", half AJAR entreabierto, entornado
ALLURING The prospect was ALLURING, and I fell in with my old friend's wishes without demur seductivo, tentador; to allure= halagar, tentar, atraer
ALOFT She held them  ALOFT GLEEFULLY en los aires, arriba, en alto
AMISS Nobody seemed to notice anything AMISS fuera de lugar, fuera del caso;to be amiss=estar de más (hacer algo)
AMPLE Allerton himself had said the toxic dose was not AMPLE amplio, 
AMPOUL He's got AMPOULES of amylnitrate to use when he feels an attact is coming on ampollera o tubo de jeringa hipodérmica
ANGUISH And he SLUMPED to the floor with an ANGUISHED WAIL escaping his lips angustiado, atormentado
APPAL, TO  He felt numb, APPALLED at the BLOODSHED aterrar, espantar
APPRAISE, TO My poor girl had no chance of APPRAISING him at his true worth valuar, valorar, justipreciar, aforar, tasar
ARCHLY When I was roused by the voice of  Mrs. Franklin's nurse exclaiming ARCHLY: a penny for your thoughts picarescamente, astutamente
ASCERTAIN As far as we can ASCERTAIN, Lejeune spoke carefully averiguar, descubrir, determinar;ascertainment=averiguación
ASKANCE He looked ASKANCE at Metcalfe, more than I'd like to, I'm afraid de soslayo, de reojo
ASSET I know is a valuable ASSET ventaja, elemento de buen éxito
ASSURE, TO I ASSURED her that I did not want tea and would prefer to go and greet my friend afirmar, cercionar, protestar;assuredness=certeza, seguridad
ASSUREDLY ASSUREDLY, assuredly, said Poirot quickly con toda seguridad, de fijo
ATOP With its eight-columned portico,and ATOP its PEDIMENT, the four bronze horses of Apollo encima (de)
AUBURN With a fine colour and a handsome bead of AUBURN hair castaño rojizo
AVAIL It is of no AVAIL,  my friend aprovechar, beneficiar; If avails nothing=de nada sirve; to no avail= en vano
AVAIL The young men who were with them tried to adjust things, but without AVAIL provehco, utilidad, eficacia
AVENGE, TO The smile vanished. she turned on me like an AVENGING fury vengar, vindicar; avngement=venganza; avenger=vengador
AVOW, TO The Nazis were AVOWED enemies of the Communits reconocer, admitir, confesar; avowable=que se puede declarar
BID, BADE, BADE, TO I BADE him good night dar( decir buenas noches)to bid farewell=dar la bienvenida
BADGE  A mask of BLAND authority as he flashed the Gestato BADGE blando, suave
BADLY it was unaltered from the outside and BADLY needed a coat of paint necesidad con urgencia
BAFFLE (TO) The police will be utterly BAFFLED desconcertar, desbaratar; baffler=el que desbarata o frustra
BAIT But Kempt declined to rise to his wistful BAIT cedbo, señuelo
BALDERDASH All she says is plain BALDERDASH, but there are Pyramids and texts and temple mysteries disparate
BALK (TO) He was BALKED, you see, , of this pound of flesh frustrado; balk=obstáculo, impedimento, contrariedad
BANG I was getting into bed when it came to me. Hit me BANG between the eyes con un golpe violento, con estrépito
BANISH, TO It dit not make sense that she continued to BANISH him, and he wondered why deportar, desterrar, ahuyentar; banishment= destierro, deportación
BANTER Metcalfe recogined what Roger was doing; all his BANTER, his joking dar matraca, fisgar, tomar el pelo, embromar
BARGAIN (TO) I hadn't BARGAINED for tea - my appointment had been for three-thirty regatear
BE BOUND TO (TO) Everyone WAS BOUND TO talk estar decidido o resulto a, estar destinado a
BEADY Or it may have been the small BEADY eyes parecido a abalorio
BEAM (TO) He BEAMED at her. It was delightful to see them on such good terms miar con una mirada radiante
BEHOVE (TO) It BEHOVED us to forestall that happening corresponder, tocar, incumbir
BELCH, TO Smoke now BELCHED from factories and trains and automobiles salir con fuerza (una llama, etc), arjar, eructar
BELLIGERANTLY Well now, and what would you be wanting? she demanded BELLIGERENTLY beligerantemente; belligerent= belicoso
BESOT, TO That revealed the CLEFT of her ample bosom, was clearly BESORTED  with her young west infatuar, entontecer
BEWILDERED He seemed both BEWILDERED and distressed aturdir, aturrullar; bewildement= aturdimiento
BEWILDERING  A BEWILDERING shuffling and reshuffling of memories que pone a uno perplejo
BEWILDERMENT I read carefully, but with a growing BEWILDERMENT aturdimiento
BIGOTRY You can't explain away everything as superstition, or fear, or religious BIGOTRY fanatismo
BLACKMAILER Only kind of man I can imagine myself killing is a BLACKMAILER chatajista
BLAND  A mask of BLAND authority as he flashed the Gestato BADGE insignia, condecoración
BLAND Mr. Bradley's manner became even more BLAND and soothing blando, suave
BLATANT But this was so BLATANT bramante, vocinglero
BLEACH, TO Her blond hair had been BLEACHED badly, in peroxide, and not recently aclarar (el pelo) descolorar, emblanquecer
BLEAK Lines with handsome white stone facades, seemed windswept and BLEAK desierto, frío, desolado
BLIGHT A sudden BLIGHT had come over the cheerful party contratiempo, añublo, tizón
BLINK (TO) George face twistched. He BLINKED. He said a dull heavy voice.. pestañear
BLISTER I've got BLISTERS all over my hands ampolla , vejiga
BLITHELY He exclaimed BLITHELY: I say, what luck! alegremente; blithe = alegre, gozoso
BLITHERING Mowed and mumbled. Acted like a BLITHERING FOOL matanza, derramamiento de sangre
BLOODSHED  He felt numb, APPALLED at the BLOODSHED matanza, derramamiento de sangre
BLOODSHOT Put away the horror of that and the inquest and George's twitching face and BLOODSHOT eyes ensangrentado, inyectado de sangre
BLUNDER (TO) I BLUNDERED - made mistakes. If Judith was to ruin her chances of happiness, if she were to suffer divulgar sin consideración;  blunder= disparate, error
BLUNTLY She mentioned Captain Trevelyan's name BLUNTLY on purpose lisa y llanamente, claramente, bruscamente
BLUNTLY I'm a bit doubtful, said Thyrsa Grey, and added BLUNTLY, Suppose you ruin it? lisa y llanamente, claramente, bruscamente
BLUR (TO) The lines of the crossword ran and BLURRED before my eyes hacer borroso o indistinto, ponerse borroso, empañar
BLURT (TO) unable to help myself I BLURTED out hablar sin consideración; decir o soltar bruscamente
BLURT OUT (TO) I BLURTED OUT the whole thing to Poirot hablar sin consideración; decir o soltar bruscamente
BLUSTER Served as a form of BLUSTER to conceal his underlying fear jactancia, fanfarria; to bluster= soplar con furia, fanfarrear, bravear
BOGGLE (TO) I BOGGLED rather badly recular, retroceder
BOGUS It all sound rather BOGUS- but perhaps not entirely BOGUS FALSO
BOGUS The whole set-up at the Pale Horse was BOGUS! FALSO
BONHOMIE Her nervous apprehension.... his reassuring BONHOMIE afabilidad
BOOB (TO) I may BOOB it bobo, engañar: booby trap = engañabobos
BOOST (TO) And is using it in a kind of wild hotchpotch TO BOOST so proud of wickedness alzar desde abajo, empujar, hacer subir; booster=elevador de potencia
BOSS (TO) She BOSSED him a good deal, I think. dominar; mandar; boss=clavo  o tachón, lomo ( de libro)
BOWER I couldn't quite identify, gone to beard Poppy in her floral BOWER emparrado, enramada, morada retirada
BRAIN, TO  I saw a respectable old woman BRAINING  a pigeon in the park  to take home to cook romperse la crisma, hacer saltar los sesos a
BRANDISH, TO Metcalfe could see several guards running towards him, BRANDISHING their weapons floreo, molinete (esgrima)
BREW So we all looked forward to Mrs. Franklin's BREW with freshly ground berries mezcla; to brew= elaborar cerveza; brewage= brebaje
BRIEF (TO) So I was here somewhat inadequately BRIEFED pasajero, rápido; briefing= instrucciones, órdenes, información preliminar
BRIEF (TO) He was fully Briefed dar instrucciones, informar
BRISTLE (TO) I suppose that I failed. Judith BRISTLED at once erizarse, poner tieso; to bristle up= montar en cólera
BRISTLE (TO) Judith BRISTLED at once erizarse, poner tieso; to bristle up= montar en cólera
BROGUE her cham and Irish BROGUE acento irlandES, abarca, zapato gueso
BROODING She had queer fits of BROODING silence and a fierce, almost bitter power of partisanship incubar, cobijar; brooding hen = clueca, llueca
BROWBEAT (TO) Judith is not the sort of creature who can be BROWBEATEN intimidar, acobardar
BROWSE, TO Metcalfe was doing nothing more than BROWSING  in  bookshop curiosear (en una bibioteca), hojear ( un libro)
BUCKLE TO BUCKLED brics walls; a low ceiling encorvarse, doblarse, pandearse
BUG Now, perhaps you have some idea that this office of mine might have a BUG in it bicho, cualquier insecto, a bug house= un manicomio; to be bugs about=apasionarse por
BULGE, TO His eyes BULGED. His face was CRIMSON, his tongue LOLLING grotesquely pandear (se), combar(se)
BULLY (TO) you can BULLY me intimidar, amedrantar bravear, fanfarronear
BULWARK To be the real thread and regard Adolf Hitler as an important BULWARK against them bastión, baluarte (fortificción)
BUMPING You can't have an organisation going about BUMPING people OFF and not do something matar, despachar;  bump= porrazo, choque
BUOYANT As usual, his big, BUOYANT personality seemed to sweep away shadows and intangible worries boyante, campante, alegre, vivaz
BURGUNDY She had a glass of BURGUNDY with it borgoña ; burgundy wine = vino de borgoña
BURLAP He smelled the wet BURLAP even before he notices the corner of the burlap sack all the way out cañamazo
BURLY The LOBBY  was empty except for few BURLY men badly dressed corpulento, fornido, nudoso
BUSTLE, TO  The Brit HUMMED to himself as he BUSTLED  about, put on water for tea menearse, no parar, bullir ( bullicio)
BUTT IN (TO) I don't want TO BUTT IN, but what do you know of Allerton? entremeterse, meter baza; butt= cabo, extremo, punta colilla
CACHE Out of the same CACHE from which he'd gotten Madame du Châtelet's bottle escondite, encondrijo
CACKLE, TO The other women tittered and CACKLED cacarear
CANDOUR His CANDOUR was quite engaging candidez, candor
CANNON (TO) He CANNONED into the screen round Poirot's chair cañonear; cannon shot=bala de cañón
CANOPY Thyrza went to the divan and drew away the protecting CANOPY dosel, pabellón ( de cama); canopy of heaven= capa del cielo
CANTANKEROUS He was a coarse, CANTANKEROUS fellow, but he was the soul of discretion quisquilloso, avinagrado, pendenciero
CANVASS (TO) They are detailed TO CANVAS  a particular neighbourhood with a questionnaire escudriñar, examinar, recorrer un distrito solicitando votos, pedidos, etc.
CAPRICIOUS In the early morning appeared CAPRICIOUS in the extreme caprichoso, antojadizo
CARCASS Where you see a vulture hovering, there is a CARCASS esqueleto, carcasa o armazón
CASSOCK He felt in the pocket of his CASSOCK sotana, casacón
CASSOCKED Now, Metcalfe noticed a CASSOCKED  priest in a Roman collar sotana
CAST (TO) After the pause, Miss Macalister CAST doubts on the honestly of the raffle for the live duck arrojar, verter, derramar; to cast a glance= echar un vistazo
CAST (TO) CAST your mind back, Hastings echar, arrojar 
CAST OF (TO) She had CAST OFF her professional reserve abandonar, soltar
CATCALL Cries and CATCALLS from other tables grita, silba
CATGUT She dit not see the flash of the CATGUT E  String s Kleist whipped it from his pocket cuerda de tripa (de guitarra)
CAULDRON Who practise their arts in secret, muttering their spells round a CAULDRON caldera o caldero
CHAF (TO) She CHAFFED her husband,but gently and with a kind of affection dar matraca, fisgar; chafferrer = regatero; to chaffer= regatear
CHAFE (TO) My friend John and his wife, both unhappy and CHAFING, at the life they were forced to lead enfadar, irritar, calentar frotando
CHANCY Death is such a CHANCY matter arriesgado, incierto
CHASUBLE Corcoran adjusted his CHASUBLE. If anything goes wrong, Stephen, I suggest you pray casulla
CHERUBIC With a round CHERUBIC face querúbico; cherubs= nño angelical o sonrosaso y mofletudo
CHILL Retiring to bed at the least suspicion of a CHILL escalofrío, enfriamiento
CHIMERA I reflected, if the whole thing was a CHIMERA of Poirot's imagination quimera, ilusión
CHORTLE  Bishop said with a CHORTLE, hi entire belly shook, and his double chin WOBBLED reir entre dientes, cloquear
CHUCK (TO) Nothing really. It was only an idea she got. And so she CHUCKED IT UP cloquear
CHUCKLE, TO Corky CHUCKLED dryly and munched at a candy reír entre dientes, risita,cloquear
CLAM If I said the wrong thing she would shut up in alarm like a CLAM and go dumb on me almeja, chirla
CLANK (TO) Sybil Stamfordis CLANKED her beads rechinar o resonar
CLASP (TO) She had a small bottle CLASPED in her right hand abrochar, enganchar, ceñir
CLEFT That revealed the CLEFT of her ample bosom, was clearly BESORTED  with her young west rajadura, abertura, fisura
CLEFT The weakness of the whole thing is that they're in a CLEFT sitck agrietado, hendido, partido
CLICK (TO) I was just about the hail a passing taxi when something CLICKED in my mind sonar con un golpe seco
CLIP, TO It was that their hair was now CLIPPED short, in the Prussian style esquilar, trasquilar, cortar a raíz
CLIPPING He took from it a mass of typescript and newspaper CLIPPING recorte; clipping machine= maquinilla de repelar; clipper=esquilador
CLOTHE, TO Some CLAD as Russins sailors, others as Chinese coolies vestir; Clad= vestido, aderezado
CLOYING I thick CLOYING perfume filled the air empalagar, saciar, hastiar
CLUB (TO) If the priest who knew about it was allowed and CLUBBED to death aporrear, golpear con garrote; club law= la ley del más fuerte
CLUTCH He has to groan, stagger, roll his eyes, GRASP, CLUTCH his heart agarrar, apretar, embragar; clutch= garra
CLUTTER, TO The small dressing table CLUTTERED with makeup and brushes, LIGNING makeup remover poner en desorden, trastornar; clutter=desorden, confusión
COAX (TO) And it would only be for an hour or two, I said COAXINGLY ruego, engatusamiento; to coax= instar, engatusar; to be coaxed= hacerse de rogar
COGITATION Further COGITATIONS were interrupted by the arrival of Mrs. Tuckerton cogitación, reflexión, meditación
COMMIT (TO) He entirely refused TO COMMIT himself, wherein he was probably wise comprometerse, declararse; to commit one's self= soltar prenda
COMMIT, TO He'd had to go through an elaborate dance of HINTS and promises without COMMITTING to anyone comprometerse, confiar
COMMITTALLY I'm not a racing man, I said NON-COMMITTALLY sin compromiso, sin promesas
COMPLIANT Stalin was being MEEK and COMPLINAT dócil, obediente, sumiso
COMPULSION No lact of trust or confidence on Judith's part, but a kind of fierce COMPULSION compulsión; compulsory= obligatorio
CONCEAL With a hardly CONCEALED impertinence ocular, esconder, encubrir
CONCEIT (TO) For a murderer, my friend, is more CONCEITED than any creature on this earth vanidoso, engreído, presumido
CONCEIVABLE  Was it CONCEIVABLE  that the Soviet authorities knew why he ws here, knew of his secret mission? concebible, imaginable; conceivableness= la conceptibilidad
CONCERN A bit of madness and have been trying to make a pying CONCERN of it asunto, negocio, ocupación; to cooncern= concernir, importar
CONJECTURAL Everything else is CONJECTURAL, said Lejeune conjectural; conjeture= conjetura, presunción
CONJURE (TO) It is like a CONJURING trick, is it not? conjurador, brujo, jugador de manos, to conjure away=exorcizar; up=evocar
CONJURER With the swiftness of a professional CONJURER conjurador, brujo, jugador de manos, to conjure away=exorcizar; up=evocar
CONTEMPT  A certain, FLIRTATIOUSNESS, a COYNESS, the SCORN and CONTEMPT desprecio, menosprecio
CONTEMPTIBLE That's real wickedness.Nothing grand or big-just petty and CONTEMPTIBLE despreciable, desdeñable; contemptibility= vileza, ruindad
CONTEMPTUOUSLY Nurse Craven tossed her head CONTEMPTUOUSLY desdeñosamente; contemptuousness= desdén, desprecio
CONTRITELY Boyd Carrington said CONTRITELY: What a damned fool I am contritamente; contrite= contrito, atrito, penitente
CONVERT(TO) All this nonsense about a CONVERTED inn and three middle-aged women cifrar, meter en forma de clave o cifra; code= código, cifra, clave
COODLE , TO You're CODDING me!. criar con mimo o ternura excesiva
COOLIE Some CLAD as Russins sailors, others as Chinese coolies peón chino o indio
COOP (TO) Wretched girl. Fancy being COOPED UP doing stinks of a morning like this enjaular, encarcelar; coop=caponera, gallinero, cárcel
COOP UP (TO) Ah, the poor girl. she's COOPED UP in the studio place down at the bottom of the garden enjaular, encarcelar; coop=caponera, gallinero, cárcel
COPE (TO) An attitude with which Mr. Bradley had frequently had TO COPE contender o competir con, hacer frente a
COSH (TO) We'll save the technical terms for the coroner. Well and truly COSHED mimado, acariado ; cosher=mimar, acariciar
COT He placed the bundle of stolen papers on the COT beside him catre, cabaña, choza
COUNTENANCE I'm afraid Sir Stafford Crips would never COUNTENANCE that, my friend. sostener, apoyar, aprobar, fomentar; countenance=semblante, aspecto
COUNTERACT (TO) Especially when COUNTERACTED with a dose of my strychnine tonic contrarrestar, neutralizar, impedir, contrariar; counteraction= oposición, impedimento
COY And she was very COY with her young man afterwards recatado, modesto, tímido, esquivo
COYNESS  A certain, FLIRTATIOUSNESS, a COYNESS, the SCORN and CONTEMPT tímidez, esquivez; coyish= recatado, modesto, tímido
CRAMP (TO) The sun was up and there was I, CRAMPED and uncomfortable contraído, apretado; to cramp= entumecer, apretar; cramp iron= grapa
CRAZE There's a CRAZE for that sort of things nowadays locura, manía; to craze= enloquecer; craziness=locura
CREAK Listened for the CREAK of footsteps crujir, rechinar
CREAK (TO) The seat CREAKED ominuously but no catastrophe occurred crujir, rechinar, chirriar
CRETON To give expert advice in choosing CRETONNES cretona ( tejido)
CRIMPED He tugged at the CRIMPED tinfoil el que sirve de señuelo en garitos (paa enganchar a alguien)
CRIMSON His eyes BULGED. His face was CRIMSON, his tongue LOLLING grotesquely carmesí, enrojecerse, sonrojarse
CRIMSON For some reason ginger blushed CRIMSON... enrojecerse, sonrojarse; crimson= carmesí
CRIPPED He had polio and is semi CRIPPLED, so he has to go about in a wheeled chair lisiar, mutilar, lisiar; cripple= cojo o manco, inválido, estropeado
CRIPPED He was now a very old man, an almost CRIPPLED with arthritis lisiar, mutilar, lisiar; cripple= cojo o manco, inválido, estropeado
CRIPPLED Although he's crompletely crippled by polio lisiar, mutilar, lisiar; cripple= cojo o manco, inválido, estropeado
CRIPPLED As far as he was able to in his CRIPPLED state lisiar, mutilar, lisiar; cripple= cojo o manco, inválido, estropeado
CRISP As he strolled past them in this CRISP green SD uniform frágil, terso
CROOK What sort of a CROOK was Archer? fullero, petardista; crook= gancho, garfio, cayado; to crook=encorvar, doblar
CROOK But since he turns out to be a nasty down-to-earth little legal CROOK fullero, petardista; crook= gancho, garfio, cayado; to crook=encorvar, doblar
CROOKEDNESS But there's a lof of CROOKEDNESS goes on in racing, so they say perversidad, encorvadura
CRUNCH (TO) The released dog CRUNCHED bones happily under the table ronchar, tascar, cascar
CRUSH Metcalfe joined the CRUSH of people moving into the hall to take their seats apiñamiento, aglomeración
CRUSH It was no surprise that there was a CRUSH to leave the hall for the banquet avanzar empujando o aplastando
CRYPTIC I realice my urgent summons must have struck you as CRYPTIC escondito, secreto
CUE Norton took the CUE and said quickly: I promised to lend him a book on birds indirecta,  apunte(teatro); cue= cola, rabo, trenza de caballo
CUNNINLY She leered at me CUNNINGLY astuta, hábil, graciosamente
CURB He VAULTED past the man, toward the CURB, leaping onto the moving streetcar  flanco ( de acera), bordillo
CURB (TO) I curbed my impatience as best I could, glancing at the clock refrenar, contener, reprimir
CURFEW Most people stayed in at night, intimidated by therir occupiers, the CURFEWS, the new laws toque de queda
CURFEW Harried men rushing home to beat the CURFEW toque de queda
CURT (TO) His manner was CURT and really hardly polite brusco, rudo, seco
DAFT ginger's voice was incredulous. It's DAFT, I agreed bobo,  chiflado, demente
DALLIANCE I'm referring to a woman with whom you had a DALLIANCE a while ago coqueteo, retozo (tadanza, dilación)
DAMNABLY So handsome, so mature, so intellectual, so DAMNABLY dull! horriblemente, de un modo abobinable; damnable=condenable; to damn=maldecir
DANK The small, DANK room was dimly lit by a hanging overhead fixture húmedo, liento
DAPPER He's a respectable DAPPER little chemist gallardo, apuesto, limpio, aseado
DARN (TO) To everybody else it's DARNED DULL maldecir ; to darn= zurcir, remendar, I don't give a darn= me importa un bledo
DAUB it's just a DAUB. pintarrajo, mamarachada; to daub=embadurnar, untar, manchar
DAZE He had been in a DAZE all this time ofuscar, aturdir
DAZE I went downstairs in a DAZE ofuscamiento, aturdimiento; to daze= ofuscar, aturdir
DAZE (TO) He was a blue colour round the mouth and looked completely DAZED ofuscar, aturdir
DEBARRED Financial details are arranged by a DEBARRED solicitor called Mr. Bradley excluir, privar
DECEIT Which abhors all form of DECEIT engaño, dolo, fraude
DECREE (TO) Word is always conveyed to the victim that his death has been DECREED by the medicine-man decretar, determinar, mandar, ordenar
DEFLATION I must admit that I went to bed with a slight feeling of DEFLATION desinflación, deshinchadura; to deflate: desinflar, deshinchar
DEMEANOR With the leisurely and DEMEANOR of a tourist taking in the vagaries of a strange city conducta, comportamiento, proceder, porte, aire, semblante
DEMUR The prospect was ALLURING, and I fell in with my old friend's wishes without DEMUR vacilación, duda; to demur= aplazar o suspender (ante una duda), vacilar
DENTURES I don't think, said Mr Bradley, showing his excellent DENTURES. dentadura (esp. La postiza)
DEPILATORY Used extensively as rat poison, occasionally as a DEPILATORY for children with ringworm depilatorio
DEPRIVATION There was not a HINT  that one lived in a city of brutal DEPRIVATION privación, carencia
DERISIVE But not much fun, said some DERISIVE IMP, poping up from my subconscious irrisorio, burlesco; imp= diablillo, picaruelo
DESERVE (TO) One good turn DESERVES another merecer
DESPAIR Sometimes I DESPAIR of getting the place liveable desesperar, perder la esperanza; despair= desesperación
DESULTORY Indulging meanwhile in one of those DESULTORY conservations where eveyone utters their own thoughts inconexo, sin método; desultorily= sin plan ni ilación, inconexamente
DESULTORY They seemed DESULTORY, almost  haphazard inconexo, sin método; desultorily= sin plan ni ilación, inconexamente
DEVOUTLY I DEVOUTLY hope not devotamente, piadosamente; devout= devoto, pío, piadoso
DIGEST I also need you to key in a DIGEST of this and put it over the airwaives for further analysis compendio, resumen ( to digest = recopilar, codificar)
DISAVOW, TO You'll be DISAVOWED. You'll have TO FEND for yourself reudiar, desaprobar, desautizar
DISCOMFITURE He was talking now - telling a story of his own DISCOMFITURE and making everybody laugh derrota, desconcierto, confusión; to discomfit= derrotar, desconcertar
DISHEVEL, TO Her apartment building on the rue Mazagran was DISHEVELED, in poor repair desarreglado, despeinado, deseado
DISMALLY Stephen just stared DISMALLY out the window at the forest speeding by funesta o tristemente
DISMISSIVE Oh, please, Flora said  with a DISMISSIVE flip of her hand que despide, destituye o licencia ( to dismiss=despedir, destituir)
DISOWN, TO  Determined that the British government were prepared to DISOWN THEM repudiar, negar, desconocer
DISQUIETING The irritability she had shown just now was a DISQUIETING sign inquietante; disquiet= inquietud, intranquilidad; disquietness=desasosiego
DISREGARD And a complete DISREGARD for outside pressure desatención, descuido, desprecio; to disregard=desatender, no hacer caso de
DISTRES (TO) Which had sometimes affronted and DISTRESSED me angustiar, afligir; distress= pena, dolor, angustia
DISTRESSED He seemed both bewildered and DISTRESSED angustiar, afligir; distress= pena, dolor, angustia
DISTRESSING It's all very DISTRESSING but all it comes to is that there's nothing you can do angustiar, afligir; distress= pena, dolor, angustia
DITHER, TO The King of Russia was DITHERING and capitulating temblar, tiritar; dither=temblor, agitación
DODGE (TO) It isn't just a matter of DODGING the ultimate end escabullirse, hacer quites o esquivazo; dodge= regate, evasiva
DOMED  He was a small, middle-aged man, with a bald DOMED head, a round ingenous face apepinado; dome= cúpula, bóveda (de una caverna)
DOOM If anyone hinted to me that I had been DOOMED to lie down and die sentenciar a muerte, predestinar a la ruina; doom=sentencia, condena
DOPE This is real DOPE narcótico, estimulante, pasta o preparación semiflúida
DORMER Ducking his head as he squeezed through the narrow DORMER, and grabbed the handle ventana vertical de buhrdilla, lumbrera
DOTE (TO) Love affairs, a DOTING husband locamente cariñoso o enamorado
DOUR He was awakened by the DOUR old lady serving tea terco, hosco
DOVE-TAILED It's all beautifully DOVE-TAILED paloma, tórtola, persona pura y amante 
DOWAGER Mr. Eigen is from Buenos Aires<, the DOWAGER explained viuda con viudedad, matrona respetable
DOWNRIGHT If being an agent in France was HAZARDOUS, doing so in Russia was DOWNRIGHT TREACHEROUS claramente, completamente, absoluto, completo
DOWNTRODDEN Now I get why the Russians look so DOWNTRODDEN pisoteado, atropellado, oprimido, esclavizado
DRABNES In the midst of Moscow's gray DRABNES pardusco, color entre gris y amarillo, monótono
DRAG (TO) Oh, my darling, see what I've DRAGGED you into arrastrar, tirar
DRAG (TO) I let him DRAG me back to the house arrastrar, tirar
DRAUGHT This suited Poirot, who abhorred DRAUGHTS  corriente de aire, tiro de chimenea
DRAUGHT This suited Poirot, who abhorred DRAUGHTS and was always suspicious of the fresh air corriente de aire, tiro de chimenea
DRIBLETS They want reassurance ladled out of DRIBLETS goteo, llovizna; to drible= gotear, escurrir
DROSS Jewels may be found among the DROSS escoria, basura, sedimento, hez
DUB, TO His wing commander had DUBBED  him Scoop, and the MONIKER  had stuck apellidar, dar apodo
DUD The Roos-kies don't exactly get to buy DUDS often trapos, andrajos, ropa vieja
DUD Anyway, Lou has got another boy friend now- another DUD, I'd say, but she's alreay crazy trapos, andrajos, ropa vieja
DUMPED Calthrop poked it into flame and DUMPED a log  on it descargar, verter
DWELL (TO) But do not DWELL on it, do not look back . Instead look forward habitar, morar, residir
DWELL, TO  Dwell in the past, and you'll lose an eyer, forget the past, and you'll lose both eyes habitar, morar, residir
EARNEST Placing and EARNEST hand on Poirot's knee atento, fervoroso, serio, formal
EAVE About ten feed from the roof EAVES a line of iron rungs were set into the wall alero
EDGE He liked living on the EDGE borde, al filo de
EERILY This street was dark, EERILY deserted misterioso, atemorizado
EKE, TO With all the soviet restrictions and the necessary payoffs it barely EKED OUT a profit ganar la vida a duras penas
ELATION The lack of ELATION in Poirot's manner struck me disagreeably júbilo, elaciòn
EMBEZZLE (TO) Its much easier if you just have a bank manager who's EMBEZZLED the funds desfalcar
EMBROIDERY I will give you the bare facts without EMBROIDERY bordado, bordadura, labor
ENACT (TO) The tragedy that had shattered her life would not have been ENACTED in vain establecer, promulgar, dar (una ley), decretar;enactmnet= estatuto, promulgación
ENDURANCE And all he exactions were masked by a veneer of patient ENDURANCE resistencia, duración; to be beyond undurance= ser insoportable
ENSCONCE (TO) Poirot had been brought down by Curtiss about midday and ENSCONCED in the drawing-room acomodar, situar, ocultar, poner en seguro
ENSNARE, TO  Ducroix  might be ENSNARED as well atrapar, enredar, engañar
ENTANGLE(TO) As a result they get ENTANGLED in what one might call the money making machine enredar, embrollar; entanglement=enredo, embrollo
ENTANGLEMENT Now she's just part of your long history of romantic ENTANGLEMENTS, is that it? enredo, embrollo,complicaciòn
ENTANGLEMENT Or did her fear derive somehow from her latest ENTANGLEMENT, with von Schüssler? embrollo, complicacón, enredo
ENTERTAIN (TO) Refuting with horror suspicious that have not been ENTERTAINED until he mentions them agasajar u obserquiar, entretener o divertir; tomar en consideración, hospedar
ENVISAGE (TO) Always ENVISAGE  the worst mirar, contemplar, hacer frente a
ENVISAGE (TO) You look, my friend, like one who has ENVISAGED a nest of serpents mirar, contemplar, hacer frente a
EPAULET The EPAULETS were a new thing, Metcalfe reflected charretera(mil,) capona
ETCH (TO) Of suggestive words and phrases that ETCHED themselves into my consciousness grabar o hacer grabados, al agua fuerte; etching=aguafuerte
ETCH, TO After Melcalfe had last left Moscow, had ETCHED itself onto every face grabar, o hacer grabados (etching=aguafuerte)
EXACTION And all her EXACTIONS were masked by a veneer of patient endurance exacción, extorsión; exacter=opresor; exacting=exigente
FACETIOUS It was gay, almos FACETIOUS facticio, artificial
FAIRLY He was FAIRLY certain of it totalmente, cabamente
FAKE(TO) That really would be quite difficult TO FAKE falsificar, fingir, inventar; fake= falsificación, copia, imitación
FARRAGO Into accepting a FARRAGO of nonsense fárrago, broza
FATE A girl like that deserves a better FATE sino, destino, suerte; fated= predestinado
FATUITY I remember now the melancholy sigh  you haved as you murmured FATUITIES fatuidad; fatuous= fatuo, insensato, necio, presumido
FAVOUR I looked at him without FAVOUR favoritismo
FECKLESS My own mother had been charming and FECKLESS fútil, inefectivo, débil, abatido
FECKLESS Mrs. Franklin, I reflected, was that rather FECKLESS type of woman fútil, inefectivo, débil, abatido
FEEBLER He looked in those few moments to have grown much older and FEEBLER débil, enfermizo, enclenque; feeble minded= subnormal; feebleness=debilidad
FENCING Both has practised FENCING together esgrima; vallar, salvar cercas ( un caballo)
FEND (TO)  You'll be disavowed. You'll have TO FEND  for yourself valerse por si mismo, resguardarse
FENT, TO You'll be DISAVOWED. You'll have TO FEND for yourself pelear, esgrimir, defenderse con respuestas evasivas
FERN Instead I chose some bright green asparagus FERN helecho
FESTOON, TO Building were FESTOONED with the quotas of the Five Year Plan afestonado
FETTLE Get into FETTLE for tomorrow estado, condición; in fine fettle= en buena condición
FIENDISHLY These days it's FIENDISHLY difficult for a foreigner to get into Russia diabolicamente ( fiend=espíritu malo , el demoneo), perverso, malvado
FIERY She had a FIERY little FILLY ardiente, encendido, feroz, fogoso
FIFTUL After life's FITFUL fever he sleeps well incierto, vacilante; filtfully= por intérvalos, caprichosamente
FILLY She had a FIERY little FILLY ardiente, encendido, feroz, fogoso
FIXTURE The small, DANK room was dimly lit by a hanging overhead FIXTURE (brazo de lámpara eléctrica o gas, coasa fija o enclavada en un sitio
FLAIR I had been curious, Hastings, to see if your well-known FLAIR for the obvious would work olfato
FLAMBOYANT He likes them large and FLAMBOYANT and Russian for choice flamante, extravagante, llamativo
FLAP (TO) On the lawn the marquee and tents FLAPPED limply in a damp breeze batir, sacudir, agitar
FLARE, TO The end of the cigarette FLARED like a dying sun brillar, deslumbrar; To flare up= encolerizarse, encenderse
FLATTER (TO) I FLATTERED myself that I have not worked with Poirot for so many years in vain adular, lisonjear; flatterer= adulador
FLAWLESS She had an almost FLAWLESS GREEK entero, sin tacha
FLEET (TO) I felt a sudden FLEETING compassion for the Tommy Tuckers of to-day fugaz, efímero, pasajero
FLICK There, I said with a final FLICK of the handkerchief golpecito, latigazo suave; to flick= sacudir la ceniza de un cenicero
FLICK (TO) I FLICKED back various pages, rereading what I had written golpecito, latigazo suave; to flick= sacudir la ceniza de un cenicero
FLIRTATIOUSNESS  A certain, FLIRTATIOUSNESS, a COYNESS, the SCORN and CONTEMPT coquetería; to flirt= coquetear, galantear; flirtation= coquetería
FLOUNCE OUT (TO) There was a faint swish of draperies and Mrs. Luttrell evidently FLOUNCED OUT of the room brincar de impaciencia, pernear
FLUFLY Loses it with a desperation and an abandonment that silly little FLUFFY type can nerver know blando, mullido; fluff= pelusa, lanilla; fluffliness= calidad de mullido
FLUKE Liver FLUKES, wasn't it confundir, aturdir; flurry= agitación, conmoción
FLURRY Judich can always FLURRY me confundir, aturdir; flurry= agitación, conmoción
FLUSH He played poker the same way, MOANING about his LOUSY hand right up until he played a royal FLUSH flux (de naipes)
FOE Then Hitler would be an OVERWHELMING FOE adversario, enemigo (foolike=hostil)
FOLLY He shook his head gently at me. Ah,but what FOLLIES it is you contemplate enemigo, adversario
FOREBEAR  The service his many illustrations FOREBEARS had paid to kaisers and prime ministers antepasado, ascendiente; fore=anterior; fore and aft, de popa a proa
FOREBODING I went in to lunch with a horrible sense of FOREBODING presentimiento, presagio, corazonada; to forebore= pronosticar, presagiar
FOREBODING A nasty FOREBODING swept over me presentimiento, presagio, corazonada; to forebore= pronosticar, presagiar
FORESTAL(TO) I FORESTALLED her interruption anticipar, prevenir
FORLORN  The world's greatest city had become FORLORN and desolate abandonado, olvidado
FORLORN He looked around her tiny, FORLORN  apartment abandonado, olvidado
FORLORN There was a FORLORN appeal in her hoarse voice abandonado, olvidado
FRENZY She groaned, ran her fingers through her short grey hair and clutched it in a FRENZIED hand delirio, locura
FRET(TO) His enforced inaction must have FRETTED him sorely gastar estregando, irritar, enojar, corroer
FRUITION (TO) He had at last come TO FRUITION in the final act fruición, goce, gusto, conplacencia
FRUMP Leave that sort of thing to the FRUMPS, I say mujer desaliñada o desaseada, vestida a la antigua y a veces regañona
FUMBLE (TO) He said slowly, FUMBLINGLY, like and old, old man. surcar, estriar, arar
FURROW (TO) Norton's brow FURROWED again partida; to furrow= surcar, estriar, arar
FURROW, TO Didier?, the young cop said suspiciously, his brow FURROWED arrugada (surcar, estriar, arar)
FURROW, TO Metcalf's FURROWED  brow told his mentor that he didn't quite follow surcar, estriar, arar
FUSS She makes coffee with much FUSS and display alboroto, bulla, bullicio; without fuss= sin alboroto, a la llana
FUSS (TO) Don't FUSS. I'm all right molestar, inquietar
FUSS (TO) If you just wouldn't FUSS so molestar, inquietar
FUSSY He has always been, in my opinion, extremely FUSSY, about his health persona exigente o fastidiosa, quisquillosa
GABBLE OFF(TO) Things that are now everyday knowledge that a child GABBLES OFF! charlar, cotorrear
GAMBIT It was a good GAMBIT and it worked gambito, truco
GAPE Most people just yawn or GAPE bostezar
GARB He passed a street policeman who eyed him WARELY, OGLING Metcalf's GARB vestido, to garb= vestir, ataviar
GARISH The man, who was dressed in a tweed suit of a GARISH PLAID pattern, shook Metdlfe's hand deslumbrante, llamativo, ostentoso
GASH Wha appeared to be a dep GASH  was in act a ligature mark with accompanying bruising cuchillada, incisión, dar una cuchillada
GASP He has to groan, stagger, roll his eyes, GRASP, clutch his heart encogerse el corazón, apretar, asir
GASP I GASP every time I go into the National Gallery nowadays jadear, emitir sonidos entrecortados
GASP (TO) you really mean it?. I GASPED jadear, emitir sonidos entrecortados
GATHER (TO) What the quarrel was about, apart from terms of abuse, I did not GATHER entender,  reunir, coger, juntar, deducir
GAUDY It was a large woman in her fifties wearing a GAUDY brillante, vistoso, llamativo
GAUNT Next to the elegant, GAUNT Corky, h e looked markedly out of place flaco, delgado, desvaído
GAUNT The old man looked even GAUNTER than when Mercalfe had last seen him flaco, delgado, desvaído
GAUNTLETS She drew on long GAUNTLETS of what looked like a kind of fine mesh  manopla
GHASTLY I say, Hasting, that was pretty GHASTLY horrible, lívido
GHOULISH I felt bitterly ashamed of all our GHOULISH imaginings vampírico, horrible, brutal, asqueroso; ghoul = vampiro
GHOULISH With rheumy eyes and an unpleasant GHOULISH manner horrible, lívido
GIDDINESS She'd had a bad day - complained of pain and GIDDINESS vértigo, desvanecimiento; giddy= vertiginoso, aturdido
GIGGLE (TO) I saw the Curtis girl come out GIGGLING reírse tratando de suprimir u ocultar la risa
GILD, TO And GILTED seats beneath a gilt hammer and SICKLE dorar; gilted edges=bordes dorados
GINGER I drinking GINGER  ale jengibre
GINGERLY  Stepping GINGERLY along the city, sick iron slats, he made his way around cauteloso o cuidadosamente
GLAND would you say it was all due to some GLAND in his spleen or his sweetbread or something glándula
GLEEFUL She held them ALOFT gleefully alegremente, gozosamente; glee= alegría, gozo, júbilo
GLEEFULLY She held them GLEEFULLY alegremente, gozosamente; glee= alegría, gozo, júbilo
GLIB These are cases difficult of explanation by any of our GLIB bocazas ; glib= volubre, suelto de lengua
GLIBBY The blonde- haired meretricious creature talking platitudes so GLIBBLY volublemente,; glib= volubre, suelto de lengua
GLINT He noticed the GLINT of a scoped rible in the late-afternoon sun destello, relumbre
GLINT (TO) His eyes GLINTING in pleasurable excitement destella, brillar, lucir
GLINT, TO The golden onion domes of the old Russian churches GLINTING in the square destellar, lucir,destellar
GLOOMILY I may boob it , I said GLOOMILY obscuramente, lúgubremente; gloom= oscuridad, tenebrosidad
GLOOMILY I considered this GLOOMILY in silence for some minutes obscuramente, lúgubremente; gloom= oscuridad, tenebrosidad
GLOOMY We were no GLOOMY,  abandoned melancólico, triste, tenebroso, sombrío
GLOOMY About an hour later he was sitting in the dark nave of a GLOOMY, decrepit church in Pigalle tenebroso (gloom=oscuridad, lobreguez, tenebrosidad)
GLOOMY And he had long ago tired of the diplamatic circuit here in this GLOOMY  city tenebroso, sombrío, lóbrego; gloomily=lugubremente
GLOSS OVER (TO) It might have been GLOSSED OVER by a good pretence disculpar, pulir, pulimentar ; gloss= lustre, brillo, pulimento, barniz
GLOW (TO) The big box-like machine had started to emit a low  hum, the bulbs in it GLOWED brillo sin llama, calor intenso; glow=dar luz o calor sin llama
GLUEY Plates of white GLUEY liquid were set before us viscoso, pegajoso, glutinoso; glueyness=viscosidad; gluing=encoladura
GNASH, TO Von Schüssler often found himself GNASHING his teeth over the way his talents went unrecognized rechinar o crujir los dientes
GOAD (TO) GOADED to it by Ginger aguijonear;goad=aguijón, puya
GOON Yet Metcalfe found the presence of these NKVD GOONS  perversely reassuring terrorista al servicio de ciertos elementos  en disputas obreras
GORGON She was mother and grandmother, cook and housekeeper and GORGON all in one esperpento, mujer muy fea
GOSSAMER Made of the SHEEREST GOSSAMER pink silk sutil, delgado
GOURD It's a dried GOURD with a network of beads and - you see these bits?- dried snake vertebrae calabaza, calabacino
GRAND The old, steep Tverskaya street, that GRAND thoroughfare grande, majestuoso, grandioso
GREEDY The Germans there are just as GREEDY as the Germans here, you know voraz, glotón, codicioso( greed=voracidad, gula, codicia
GRIEVE, TO  Flora had GRIEVED  in silence apesadumbrarse, dolorse, penar, afligir
GRIEVOUS Confess - confess - my sin- GRIEVOUS -grievous- grievous penoso, doloroso, lastimoso
GRIMACE Me, said Poirot with a GRIMACE. I am a wreck. I am a ruin meca, gesto
GRIME  The faint pale image against the dark encrusted GRIME of the panel could hardly be distinguished mugre, tizne, porquería ; to grime= ensuciar, tiznar
GRIMLY Authority watched them go GRIMLY malcaradamente; grim= torov,m ceñudo, grim face= malcarado
GRIMLY And still I sat on GRIMLY, waiting malcaradamente; grim= torov,m ceñudo, grim face= malcarado
GRIMNESS There was a certain GRIMNESS in her zone. calidad de feo, fealdad
GRIN The GRIN came again meca, gesto
GRIN (TO) He GRINNED at us both and hurried out, colliding winth the door post as he went. hacer muecas, gestos
GRIP(TO) One looks into a thing idly- and then- one gets GRIPPED agarrarse con fuerza
GRIT (TO) I GRITTED my teeth rechinar o crujir los dientes
GROAN (TO) She GROANED, ran her fingers through her short grey hair and clutched it in a frenzied hand gemir, lanzar quejidos
GROUND (to have no) We've not GROUNDS for doing that fundar, apoyar
GROVE I strolled through a GROVE of trees and up to a grassy knoll arboleda, alameda
GROWL, TO Her poodle, Fifi, ran in circles at her feet GROWLING and yapping refunfuñar, gruñir
GRUDGE She was not to hold a GRUDGE long rencor, tirria; to grudge= envidiar, codiciar, dar de mala gana
GRUEL, TO It is GRUELING and tense agotador, abrumador (to gruel=agotar, incapacitar)
GRUFFY Boyd Carrington said GRUFFY: You've no idea what a lovely creature she was at seventeen ásperamente; gruff= áspero, ronco ( voz)
GRUFFY He said again: Daisy...And then , GRUFFY.... Thank God, you're all right ásperamente; gruff= áspero, ronco ( voz)
GRUMBLE, TO Like I had a bloody choice, Martin GRUMBLED refunfuñar, gruñir
GUISE I'm going to be infiltrated into Russia in the GUISE of a native, he said bajo capa de, modo, manera
GULLIBLE But we're a GULLIBLE lot when it comes to "rays" and "waves" pecar de candoroso, tragar el anzuelo; gullible= bobo, crédulo, simple
GURGLE It died a kind of horrible GURGLE gorgoteo, murmullo, to gurgle= gorgotear
GURGLY But it makes me terrible GURGLY gorgoteo, murmullo, to gurgle= gorgotear
GUSH (TO) She even GUSHED a little derramar, verter, manar a borbotones
GUSH (TO) Which was frankly a shade too GUSHING for my taste extremoso, efusivo; gushy= extremoso, efusivo
GUSH (TO) I remembered the clouds of steam which had GUSHED from the hot tap of the one bathroom brotar, verter, manar a borbotones
GUSH (TO) She so GUSHING with it all, I complained extremoso, efusivo; gushy= extremoso, efusivo
GUSH (TO) The only thing I do rather dislike about her is that GUSHING manner extremoso, efusivo; gushy= extremoso, efusivo
HACK (TO) Corcoran SNUBBED  out his cigarette butt and gave a HACKING  cough toser con tos seca; Hack= rocín, caballo de alquiler
HAGGARD The HAGGARD profile with its curved nose like a bird of prey ojeroso, flaco, desfigurado
HAGGARD She was a woman of between thirty and forty, slightly HAGGARD, with a clear-cut profile ojeroso, flaco, desfigurado
HAG-RIDDEN Hansome in a HAG-RIDDEN kind of way inquieto, atormentado, angustiado
HAIL (TO) I went out into King's Road, HAILED  a taxi, and was driven to the residence  llamar, aclamar; hail= granizo; saludo, grito, llamada; to hail a ship= ponerse al habla con un barco
HAIRY Though SCOOPING them out of there can be a bit HAIRY peludo, velludo, velloso
HALITOSIS Ellis smelt on his breath must have been Ellis's imagination or HALITOSIS halitosis, mal aliento, aliento de mal olor
HAMPER (TO) But not if you're HAMPERED from doing what you feel it's in you to do estorbar, entorpecer, encestar; hamper= canasta, cesta
HAMPER (TO) She was HAMPERING her husband's career estorbar, entorpecer, encestar; hamper= canasta, cesta
HANDCUFF They have ordered 250.000 pairs of HANDCUFFS from a factory in Pskov esposas
HANDY I save them because they come in handy próximo, a mano; to come in hand: caer bien, venir al pelo
HANKY First, a HANKY and now gloves, always something left behind pañuelo
HAPHAZARD They seemed desultory, almost HAPHAZARD casual, fortuito; al acaso, a la ventura, al azar, casualmente
HAPHAZARD I could not bring myself to produce an effect so lopsided, so HAPHAZARD casual, fortuito; al acaso, a la ventura, al azar, casualmente
HARASS But its occupants were too busy to stop and HARASS the lone pedestrian  acosar, hostigar, perseguir
HARRIDAN Seve the old HARRIDAN damn well right, he observed vieja regañona, bruja
HARROW, TO  In their faces, though, was something new, a HARROWING fear even deeper, more pround horripilante, agudo, desgarrador 
HARSH Boydd Carrington's voice, suddenly HARSH, broke into my thoughts áspero, agrio, bronco, desagradable, tosco; harshly= ásperamente
HAUGHTY  Displaying her body with HAUGHTY pride arrogante (haughtiness= arrogancia)
HAUL (TO) Norton HAULED me back and round the corner tirar de, arrastrar; haulage= arrastre, acarreo, transporte
HAWLIKE Though his profile remained HAWLIKE. acerola; baya  simiente del espino blanco
HAZARD (TO) Also I HAZARD a conjecture  riesgo, peligro, suerte, azar; to hazard= arriesgar, aventurar
HAZARDOUS If being an agent in France was HAZARDOUS, doing so in Russia was DOWNRIGHT TREACHEROUS arriesgado,  peligroso; hazardously= peligrosamente, arriesgadamente
HEATEDLY All my natural scepticism rose up in protest. I burst out HEATEDLY acaloradamente; to heat= calentar
HEAVE (TO) I remember now the melancholy sigh you HEAVED as you  murmured fatuities alzar, levantar, elevar; to heave a sigh= exhalar un suspiro; to heave in sight=aparecer
HEDGE (TO) When I try to HEDGE vallar, defender; hedge= seto, vallado de zarzas; hedgelog= herizo
HEM (TO) He HEMMED and hawed a bit before coming to the point tartamudear, fingir tos , toser de fingido
HENPECK (TO) And there is, HENPECKED and bullied  and meek as they make'em dominar e importunar la mujer al marido; henpecked=gurrimino
HIDEBOUND You are so HIDEBOUND in your thinking obstinado, fanático 
HIGH-BROW Your Judith is a very good-looking wench, but terribly HIGH- BROW erudito ingreído y arrogante, petulante
HIGH-FALUTIN You really believe that Thyrza  SPOUTS come HIGH-FALUTIN nonsense conducto, surtidor
HIGH-FALUTIN You really believe that Thyrza spouts come HIGH-FALUTIN nonsense rebumbando, pomposo, hinchado
HIGYENE  The young man was not exactly meticulous abour his pesonal HYGIENE higiene
HINDER (TO) He never complained that she HINDERED his career obstruir, obstasculizar, poner trabar, impedir; hinder= posterior, trasero
HINT There was not a HINT  that one lived in a city of brutal DEPRIVATION indirecta, sugestion ( to hint= insinuar, sugerir)
HINT He'd had to go through an elaborate dance of HINTS and promises without COMMITTING to anyone indirecta, sugestion ( to hint= insinuar, sugerir)
HINT Any HINT of madness in the script and an actor is immediately determined to go to town on it insinuación, indirecta, pulla; to hint= echar una indirecta, insinuar, indicar
HINT I looked at him closely, trying to decide if a HINT lay concealed in those words insinuación, indirecta, pulla; to hint= echar una indirecta, insinuar, indicar
HINT He must not even HINT. To do so might be dangerous echar una indirecta, insinuar, indicar
HINT He began to throw out HINTS indirecta, sugestion ( to hint= insinuar, sugerir)
HINT (TO) If anyone HINTED to me that I had been doomed to lie down and die insinuar, echar una indirecta
HINT (TO) And you have practically HINTED that they were not acquired through the medium  of laborious toil insinuar, echar una indirecta
HOITY-TOITY I wish Coppings could hear you, So HOITY-TOITY and off-hand he always was atolondrado, fachenterom, engreído
HOLLORE (TO) I'd have hollowed if it had been me, admitted Luigi excavar, ahondar, ahuecar; hollow= hueco, vacío
HOLSTER He touch the ankle HOLSTER under his trousers funda de pistola, pistolera
HOOF With HOOFS and a tail and all that casco, pezuña
HOTCHPOTCH And is using it in a kind of wild HOTCHPOTCH to boost so proud of wickedness mezcolanza
HOVER (TO) Where you see a vulture HOVERING, there is a carcass revolotear, estar suspendo, dudar; hovering= revoloteo
HOWL (TO) Whose self-control had lessened as his limbs were perforce immobilte, fairly HOWLED at me gritar, dar alaridos , rugir, bramar; howl= alarido, gemido
HUBBUB The lights began to dim, and the excited HUBBUB diminished to an electic silence bulla, alboroto, grita
HUG (TO) I could have fallen on my neck and HUGGED her abrazar; hug= abrazo; To hug oneself= congratularse
HULK But the round PINGED OFF  the steel HULK  of the Linotype press armatoste, casco (de barco)
HUM The big box-like machine had started to emit a low HUM, the bulbs in it glowed zumbido, susurro; to hum= canturrear, tararear, susurrar
HUM, TO  The Brit HUMMED to himself as he BUSTLED  about, put on water for tea canturear, tatarear
HUMIDOR Have you been keeping them in a HUMIDOR, as I told you? bote o caja humectativos para taaco
HUNCH That is right, twist your moustache, HUNCH your shoulders empujar, dar empellones, doblar la espalda; hunch= giba, corcova, corazonada
HUNCH, TO While the driver HUNCHED over the engine trying to bring it back to life moverse o avanzar a tirones o a sacudidas
HURTLE, TO As the plane HURTLED forward, the men SCATTERED, diving to the ground on either side arrojarse con violencia, lanzarse
HUSH (TO) Then why try to HUSH it up, to have it labelled and put aside as suicide? apaciguar, aquietar, hacer callar; hush= silencio, quietud; veru hush=muy secreto
HUSTLE (TO) I caught her by the arm and HUSTLED her along into my room empujar, moverse con actividad 
HUTCH HUTCHES of guinea pigs he's got there, the poor creatures, and mice and rabbits ratonera, conejera, arca, cofre; to htch= guardar en cofre
HYPOCHONDRIACAL We all put it down as part of Mrs. Franklin's HYPOCHONDRIACAL tendencies hipocondriaco
IDLY One looks into a thing IDLY- and then-one gets  gripped vanamente, ociosamente, inútilmente
IMPAIRMENT Hastings, my brain it functions without IMPAIRMENT of any kind empeoramiento, deterioro, menoscabo; to impair= empeorar, dañar, perjudicar
IMPASSIVE American Capitalists, were now IMPASSIVE and remote impasible
IMPUGN, TO How dare you IMPUGN my motives, Metcalfe replied impugnar, refutar
IN NEXT TO A wife would tidy all that up IN NEXT TO no time en casi nada; next to impossible= punto menos que imposible
INCARCERATE (TO) Undisciplined dogs who were supposed to be INCARCERATED in the housed encarcelar
INCONSPICUOS And then he's - well- INCONSPICUOUS. I should imagine the kind murderer we're after inconspicuo, poco notable
INDULGING I've been INDULGING in false sentiment indulgente; to indulge= dar rienda suelta a, conceder indulgencia a
INFATUATED The child was utterly INFATUATED cegado, locamente enamorado; to infatuate= infatuar, cegar, atontar
INFERENCE At Styles. What is the logical INFERENCE to be drawn from that? inferencia, deducción; to infer= deducir, sacar consecuencias
INHERENT I could  only set my own inherent belief in Poirot's ACUMEN por herencia; to inherit= heredar; inheritance= herencia, patrimonio
INJUDICIOUS That, with the doctor's rather INJUDICIOUS remarks on the subject of eliminating eighty per cent dañino, nocivo, perjudicial; injuriousness= calidad de perjudicial
INKY Looking like an INKY pool on the floor parecido a la tinta, manchado de tinta
INQUEST I had attended an INQUEST in this part of the world indagaciòn, averiguación, examen
INSURMOUNTBLE Flora get her list of personal and the German embassy in Moscow, a loos, but not INSURMOUNTABLE insuperable
INTANGIBLE As usual, his big, buoyant personality seemed to sweep away shadows and INTANGIBLE worries intangible, impalpable
INTERLOPER There was an INTERLOPER in his apartment intruso, entremetido (to interlope= entremeterse sin derecho)
INTERLUDE After an INTERLUDE, Ginger demanded intermedio, intérvalo, interludio (música)
INVIOLABLE That's an INVIOLABLE law inviolable, inquebrantable
JEOPARDIZE, TO  That he most certainly could not JEOPARDIZE arriesgar, exponer, comprometer
JERK (TO) He JERKED against the table and upset half the chocolates arrojar, mover a tirones, acudir; jerk= tirón, sacudida, vibración
JIFFY I could have the kettle on in a JIFFY periquete, instante
JIGGLE, TO Inserting the pick, he JIGGLED it and out, up and down, as he turned to the right moverse ligeramente a tirones de un lado a otro
JINGLE (TO) He was whistling to himself and JINGLING some loose change in his pocket sonar o resonar; jingle= sonido metálico, retintín, cascabel
JOLT He felt a JOLT, like an electric shock sacudida, traqueteo ( to jolt=sacudir)
JOSTLE, TO To the protests of those he JOSTLED empujar, codear; jostle=empujón
JUT OUT, TO Where it JUTTED OUT an eighth of an inch sobresalir, resalir, resaltar(jut window=ventana saliente, mirador)
KEENLY  Von Schüssler was KEENLY aware of the distinguished name he had to live up to profundamente, agudamente, con viveza
KNACK You certainly have a KNACK of going places acierto, destreza, tino, don
KNACK It's not wonderful. It's a KNACK acierto, destreza, tino, don
KNOLL I strolled through a grove of trees and up to a grassy KNOLL  loma, cumbre o cima de una loma, doble de las campanas
LACQUERED She fitted with some care her spectable case into a LACQUERED box barnizar, laquear
LADEN My mind still LADEN with my own troubles cargado, abrumado, oprimido
LADLED They want reassurance LADLED out of driblets. And of course amazing recoveries do occur achicar, sacar o servir con cucharón; ladle= cucharón, cazo
LAG (TO) You're still LAGGING behind movimiento retardado, acción de rezagarse; laggard= tardo, perezoso, holgazán
LAMELY I said, rather LAMELY, but with sincerity: I'm sorry débilmente, defectuosamente, con cojera lame= cojo, lisiado, estropeado
LANK One was a tousled red head, the other a LANK haired blonde cabellos largos y lacios; lank= delgado, flaco, seco; lankness= delgadez
LARCENY A pack between two villains genuinely joining together in LARGENY, or a game of deception ratería, hurto
LAVISH It was a large and LAVISH falt profuso, pródigo, gastador
LEECH Some people are like LEECHES sanguijuela, ventosa (med.)
LEER (TO) She LEERED at me cunningly mirar de soslayo, maliciosa o lascivamente
LEVELLING It's a reproach your generation is fond of LEVELLING at mine nivelación, allanamiento; to level= nivelar
LEWD They were olf-fashioned LEWD photographs of a statuesque woman wearing only stockings lujurioso, lascivo
LEWD Pulling out the LEWD  postcards lujurioso, lascivo
LILT, TO Almos purring tone, but now she sait it in a LILTING way that seemd - culd it be? cantar alegremente, jácara, movimientos ligeros y rítmicos
LIMP (TO) I had seen the LIMPING figure with the large moustache coming up the village street cojear, claudicar; limper=cojo
LIMPLY On the lawn the marquee and tents flapped LIMPLY in a damp breeze flaccido, lacio, blando, débil de carácter
LINGER (TO) Mr. Osborne let the word LINGER, but Lejeune did not notice it demorar, dilagar, prolongar; to linger= demorarse, ir despacio
LITHENESS He was transfixed, lost in her beauty, her LITHENESS flexibilidad, flojedad
LIVEABLE Sometimes I despair of getting the place LIVEABLE habitable
LOLL, TO His eyes BULGED. His face was CRIMSON, his tongue LOLLING grotesquely dejar colgar ( la lengua), estar colgando (la lengua)
LOOKOUT It's putting yourself in danger. That's my LOOKOUT. No, itsn't. esto me concierme a mi; to be on the lookout= estar a la mira; observación; vigilancia
LOOM (TO) The Pale Horse which had LOOMED in my mind as a symbol of something unknown and sinister asomar, aparecer en forma indistinta,; loom=presencia, apición; arte de tejer
LOOMS As people become when a hint of tragedy LOOMS in the air asomar, aparecer en forma indistinta,; loom=presencia, apición; arte de tejer
LOOPHOLE That still seems to me to present no LOOPHOLE for ... abertura, escapatoria, excusa
LOOSE ENDS There are only some LOOSE ENDS to be tied riendas sueltas; to loose=desatar, desprender; to set loose= libertar, soltar
LOPSIDED I could not bring myself to produce an effect so LOPSIDED, so haphazard desproporcionado, desequilibrado, más pesado de un lado que de otro
LORE Some intriguing details of East African tribal LORE erudición, saber, ciencia
LOT His eyes ROAMED the asphalt-paved parking LOT parte, porción, solar de terreno
LOUSY He played poker the same way, MOANING about his LOUSY hand right up until he played a royal FLUSH piojoso
LOUSY The food's LOUSY, but they have a nice gypse band miseable, piojoso; lousily= pésimamente
LULL (TO) having LULLED her into a happy stupor with delicious food and drink adormecer, aquietar, calmar; lull= momento de calma o silencio
LUMBER, TO He found that he was able TO LUMBER UP  the tiles fairly easily avanzar con ruido sordo (luber=madera aserrada)
LUMPY The bed was larged, the mattres LUMPY. It was covered in a threadbare scarlet spread aterronado (lump=masa, bulto, protuberancia)
LURCH But a sudden LURCH  threw him to the cabin floor sacudida, vaivén, balance brusco
LURE (TO) It is also open to X TO LURE wherever the facts are best known inducir, tentar, atraer; lure= señuelo, reclamo
LURIDLY And hold séances and planchette runs LURIDLY over sheets of blank paper espeluznantemente, fantásticamente
LURK, TO ( pag. 59) While secretly deep in their hearts LURKED the spirit of rebellion esconderse, acechar (lurking place=escondite, guarida)
LUSCIOUS And a plum cake of the LUSCIOUS old-fashioned kind that took me bakc to tea-time sabroso, delicioso, exquisito; lusciousness= calidad de sabroso
MAIMED He's made a success of his life and he knows it. He's not one of -of the MAIMED mútilo, manco, zopo, mocho
MAKE NO BONES Mrs. Lutrell, always the one for prompt decisions, MADE NO BONES about it No hizo comentarios
MALINGERING Not MALINGERING - real illnesses with symptoms, with actual pain fingirse enfermo; malinger= remolón
MALTED Well, I suppose I ought to be going to see about Mrs. Franklin's MALTED voice voz de cerveza; malt= malta, cebada germinada
MANACLE You would force us into chains and MANACLES esposas, to manacle= poner esposas, maniatar
MANEUVER He couldn't stand on the stone all and try to MANEUVER among the vents maniobrar, ejecutar maniobras
MANEUVER, TO At least, as long as he was MANEUVERING  along the roof of this building maniobrar, ejecutar maniobras
MANLY For boyd Carrington was so essentially a MANLY man varonil, viril
MAUSOLEUM And what a MAUSOLEUM it was- and is, said Boyd Carrington mausoleo; mausolean= sepulcral
MAW Civilization as we know it is being engulfed by Hitler's devouring MAW gola, fauces, bucye(aves)
MEAGER He stopped, presumably to inspect the MEAGER wares on display in the clothing shop's window flaco, escaso, pobre; meagrely= pobremente; meagerness= escasez, flacura
MEEK Stalin was being MEEK and COMPLINAT manso,humilde dócil
MEEK And there is, henpecked and bullied and MEEK as they make'em humilde, dócil, manso; meekly= mansamente, humildemente
MEEKLY I felt Norton tugging at me, and suddenly, MEEKLY, I turned mansamente, humildemente
MERETRICIOUS The blonde-haired MERETRICIOUS creature meretricio, chillón
MERETRICIOUS Allerton's MERETRICIOUS charms stood out with all the force of contrast meretricio, chillón
METTLE But Mrs. Osborne was made of different METTLE to Tony  temple, brío; mettled= brioso,  vivo
MINCE (TO) As unlike her own MINCING accents could be atenuado,  medir ( las palabras); to mince= desmenuzar, destrizar; mince pie=pasel relleno
MINCE (TO) Deliberately, without MINCING my language, I repeated to her the story medir las palabras, atenuar, desmenuzar, destrizar
MISLEAD(TO) Clearly he was MISLED by the coincidence of a chance resemblance descaminar, conducir a conclusiones erróneas, descarriar
MIST Through the MIST of disillusionment niebla, neblina
MOAN And he could not suppress a MOAN quejido, plañido
MOAN OUT (TO) to hear her MOANING OUT. The blood...the blood..was really something gemir, quejarse; moanful=lamentable; moanfully=lamentablemente
MOAN, TO He played poker the same way, MOANING about his LOUSY hand right up until he played a royal FLUSH lamentarse, quejarse
MOLLIFY (TO) I'm glad you agree. Judith looked MOLLIFIED. She gave a rueful half-smile ablandar, apaciguar
MONIKER His wing commander had DUBBED  him Scoop, and the MONIKER  had stuck nombre, apodo
MOROSELY  There's a limit to friendship, the pilot replied MOROSELY ásperamente, broncamente, morose=áspero, malhumorado
MOTTO That's my MOTTO mote, lema
MUCHNESS I said that these things were all much of a MUCHNESS cantidad, magnitud
MUCK Half the profits come from all that MUCK porquería, basura; to muck=estercolar, abonar, ensuciar
MUFFLE UP (TO) I found Poirot sitting on the veranda, well MUFFLED UP tapar, encapotar; sordo, apagado; muffled noise= sonido sordo
MUFFLE, TO The voice of the housekeeper high and MUFFLED, fading away ruido sordo, apagado
MUFTI I saw for the first time in MUFTI instead of her nurse's uniform traje de paisano ( militar)
MUMBLE It came out almost as a MUMBLE murmullo, refunfuñar
MUMBLE (TO) We only heard a MUMBLED word here and there murmullo, refunfuñar
MUMBLE (TO) I MUMBLED something about the clue, my fingers turning over the pages refunfuñar, murmullar
MUNCH, TO Corky chuckled dryly and MUNCHED at a candy mascar enérgicamente
MUTTER His voice tailed off into an absent-minded MUTTER refunfuñadua, murmullo; to mutter= murmurar, refunfuñar
MUZZY I admit, he said, his voice MUZZY, but not a risky as doing nothing confuso, indistinto
MUZZY I really have been feeling quite MUZZY with it confuso, indistinto
MYTH When he was close enough, he  could smell the fear. It was a MYTH that only dogs could smell mito, fábula, ficción
NACELLE Another VOLLEY of gunfire STRAFED the nose NACELLE barquilla (aer.)
NAG (TO) Trying to make it pay, with a NAGGING wife forever snapping at him and complaining regañar, sermonear
NAMESAKE He seemed to think he ought to rally to a NAMESAKE tocayo, homónimo
NAMESAKE You look like your NAMESAKE might have looked she cut off the head of Holofernes tocayo, homónimo
NAPE A mass of dark chestnut hair, coiled on the NAPE of her neck nuca, cogote
NIBBLE (TO) There is a rabbit NIBBLING the bark of those young fruit trees mordiscar, roer
NIFTY It's pretty NIFTY toy elegante, excelente
NIGH Yet living in Moscow was well NIGH impossible casi, cuasi, Nigh= no lejos de
NODE One NODE never knew what the other NODE  was up trama, enredo nudo  (chicón, protuberancia, bulto)
NONCHALANTLY Id didn't hurt, said the girl NONCHALANTLY. She smiled at him impasiblemente, indiferentemente; nonchalance= indiferencia; nonchalant= indiferente
NONCHALANTLY Oh, the usual stuff, I said NONCHALANTLY impasiblemente, indiferentemente; nonchalance= indiferencia; nonchalant= indiferente
NOODLE It's made of pureed NOODLES with a drop of chocolate  tallarín, pasta alimenticia, fideo
NORMALCY They made a scrim of NORMALCY, a mosaic of everyday life normalidad, estado de normal
NUANCE Our Americans diplomats are skilled at reading NUANCE matiz
NUDGE (TO) But he might wrong, don't you think?. She NUDGED me lugar ligera o disimuladamente con el codo; codazo ligero
OBLIVIOUS But that's the sort of person John is-absolutely OBLIVIOUS o his own safety desmemoriado, olvidadizo, abstraido, aborto
OFFING There has been another man in the OFFING all along- that was quite good en lontananza, visible pero lejos; mar afuera ( mar.)
OGLE, TO He passed a street policeman who eyed him WARELY, OGLING Metcalf's GARB echar el ojo, comerse con los ojos a uno
OMINOUS An OMINOUS  theory Metcalfe didn't want to think about ominoso, siniestro, nefasto
OMINOUSLY The seat creaked OMINUOUSLY but no catastrophe occurred ominosamente, nefastamente
ONSLAUGHTS He was an efficient dragon who guarded her mistress from the ONSLAUGHTS of the outside world embestida, ataque furioso, arremtida, asalto
OPINIONATED She was OPINIONATED and a staunch conservative terco, obstinad, porfiado
OUTRAGEOUS Allerton's manner was OUTRAGEOUS. He seemed to take the whole thing as a good joke ultrajante, ultrajoso, outragerousness= calidad de ultrajante
OUTRIGHT Nobody says so OUTRIGHT- but they all know! abiertamente, sin reserva, sin tardanza, directo
OUTRIGHT She was killed OUTRIGHT abiertamente, sin reserva, sin tardanza, directo
OUTWORN And she was often scornful and impatient of what she called my sentimental and OUTWORN ideas anticuado, gastado, usado, rendido de cansancio
OVERALL She wore a plain dark green OVERALL que abarco o cubre todo, de un cabo a otro; overall lenth= longitud total
OVERALL Took from it what appeared to be a kind of long OVERALL.. impermeable
OVERT For something OVERT that I could tackle opresivo, agobiante,  aplastante; to overwhem= abrumar, agobiar
OVERWHELMING  Then Hitler would be an OVERWHELMING foe abrumador, agobiarte, opresivo (to overwhem= agobiar)
OVERWROUGHT How OVERWROUGHT and wrong-headed I had been rendido o agotiado de trabajo, sobre ( excitado); muy cargado de adornos
PAD, TO The door to her apartment was PATTED and covered with leather golpera ligeramente, dar palmadidas a
PANG Smoked salmon sandwiches are never enough to stay the PANGS angustia, congoja; pangs of childbirth= dolores de parto; pangs of concience= remordimientos de conciencia
PANG Who is there who has not felt a sudden startled PANG at reliving an old experience? angustia, congoja; pangs of childbirth= dolores de parto; pangs of concience= remordimientos de conciencia
PARTAKE (TO) Tea was brought in and the insisted that I PARTAKE of it participar, tener o tomar parte ; partaker= participante, partícipe
PAUSE After the PAUSE, Miss Macalister cast doubts on the honestly of the raffle for the live duck pausa, vacilaciòn, espera
PEAL Ginger gave a sudden PEAL of laughter carcajada, risotada, estruendo, estrépito; to peal=repicar, retronar
PEDDLE, TO Desperate enough that they would even PEDDLE  their highly sought-after tickets to the Bolshoi vende menudencias de casa en casa, vender como buhonero
PEDIMENT With its eight-columned portico,and ATOP its PEDIMENT, the four bronze horses of Apollo frontón (arq.)
PEEL OF (TO) We were waling towards the house and she was PEELING OFF her gardening gloves descortezar, pelar, mondar; peel= corteza, cáscara, piel
PEEP I must creep up and take a PEEP mirada, ojeada; to peep= atisbar, fisgar; peeper= fisgón
PEEP  IN (TO) Somebody might have been there, PEEPING IN fisgar, ojear, 
PEEVISH Rather a PEEVIGH, stupid woman malhumorado, enojadizo, de malas pulgas
PEP  UP (TO) Dear old Eliza might live, PEPPED  UP by doctors animar, estimular, vigorizar; pep= brío, espíritu, energía
PERFORCE Whose self-control had lessened as his limbs were PERFORCE immobile, fairly howled at me forzosamente, por fuera
PERFUNCTORILY Yes, clever fellow, said Boyd Carrington rather PERFUNCTORILY de modo descuidado, negligente o rutinario, perfunctoriamente
PERK The Babbushka was nothing more than a PERK accorded to such a prominent artist gallardo , apuesto; to perk=erguirse, pavonearse
PERSIFLAGE PERSIFLAGE was not Dr. Franklin's strong point chulada
PETER OUT (TO) I hope everything doesn't PETER OUT desaparecer una veta o filón; to peter out= disminuir poco a poco, acabarse
PEWTER Returning a minute later with two brimming PEWTER tankards reliquia, vajilla de peltre
PICK-A-BACKS Gave you PICK-A- BACKS my dear sobre los hombres, a cuestas
PINCH I can just drink beer at a PINCH en cso necesario, si es preciso; to pinch= pellizcar; out=exprimir, hacer salir por presión
PINE (TO) And they slowly sickened and PINED away desfallecer, languidecer,consumirse; for= anhelar
PINGE, TO But the round PINGED OFF  the steel HULK  of the Linotype press silbido zumbido de una bala
PIPE UP (TO) But then Mrs. Cripps PIPED UP and said... gritar, tocar la gaita; to pipe down= callarse
PIT I still had that dull sick feeling at the PIT of my stomach boca, hoyo, foso, abismo, pozo de mina, hueso de frutas; pit saw= sierra de cabrilla
PIT (TO) And a SALLOW  complexion, his cheeks PITTED with acne scars marcar con hoyos, pit= hoyo, pozo de mina
PITFALL One must take it to heart and avoit the PITFALL oneself trampa, peligro latente
PITTANCE Not just a little money, not a miserable PITTANCE ración, porción, pitanza
PLAID The man, who was dressed in a tweed suit of a GARISH PLAID pattern, shook Metdlfe's hand manta escocesa listada a cuadros
PLAINTIVELY I do so hate making a fuss, she murmured PLAINTIVELY quejumbrosamente
PLATITUDE Talking PLATITUDES so glibbly was capable of seeking out the Pale Horse perogrullada, trivialidad; platitudinous= insípido, trivial
PLAUSIBLE To be any closer would be less than PLAUSIBLE, to be farther away would be impractical razonable, que parece admisible, plausible, digno de aplauso
PLUM, TO  Smoke PLUMED  from a few vents salir  penachos
PLUNGE (TO) I was shortly TO PLUNGE into all the dark embroilments of a mysterous murder zambullir, sumerir
PODGY He said, advancing a PODGY hand regordeto, gorfinflón
POIGNANT Was the POIGNANT thing I've ever known punzante, mordaz, conmovedor, Poignantly= conmovedoramente
POKE, TO Who used to POKE fun at  the Stalinist slogans, the Communist KITSCH, she called it burlarse, mofarde ( to poke fun), to poke one's nose into=meter las narices en
POODLE She had no children, but ketp a couple of fairly well-behaved POODLES Perro de lana o de aguas
POODLE  Fifi the POODLE had settled down on the threadbare rug nea the couch Perro de lana o de aguas
POODLER Her POODLE, Fifi, ran in circles at her feet, growling and yapping Perro de lana o de aguas
POOH-POOH (TO) I was hoping that he would be able definitely TO POOH-POOH the dreadful suggestin desdeñar; pooh-poh theory=teoria que el lenguaje tuvo su origen en interjecciones
POP OFF (TO) I'll come into a very nice packer when he POPS OFF morir( fam.), dormirse; entrar o salir de sopetón, saltar un tapón; up= apasrecer de repente
PORE OVER (TO) After all, youth is the time to have one's fling- not ot sit PORING OVER test tubes escudriñar, estudiar escrupulosamente; pore= poro
POUCE (TO) Mrs. Gerathy opened the door of the presbytery in her usual sharp POUNCING STYLE abalanzarse sobre, dar una zarpada; pounce= zarpada, zarpa, garra
POUCH He had the POUCHES under his eyes that come with a dissipated way of life bls ( med.) sasquito, zurrón; to pounch=formar bolsas
POUNCE (TO) He POUNCED on the faint doubtful tone in her voice abalanzarse sobre, dar una zarpada; pounce= zarpada, zarpa, garra
POUNCE (TO) Then, when we POUNCED, we pounced abalanzarse sobre, dar una zarpada; pounce= zarpada, zarpa, garra
POUT The delicate UPTURNED. The breathtaking beauty, the red-lipsticked POUT enfurruñarse, poner mal gesto
PRATTLE (TO) Poppy PRATTLED happily and I found her company very soothing charlar, parlotear (fam.)
PREACH (TO) The doctor does not practise what he PREACHES predicar, sermonar; prechaer= predicador
PREMONITION A PREMONITION of evil? corazonada, presentimiento, advertencia, advertencia; premonitary=que advierte
PREPOSTEROUS He put forward all sorts of PREPOSTEROUS theories descabellado, absurdo, ridículo; preposterously= absurdamente
PREPOUND (TO) The most incredible theories are PREPOUNDED and written about in the utmost seriousness machacar, moler, aporrear
PRETTY Lou served you PRETTY bad bastante; pretty good=bastante bueno; pretty bad= malamente
PRIMLY That understatement, made so PRIMLY, had always tickled my fancy severamente modesto; vestir (se) con recato
PRIVY, TO BE The Foreign Ministry is'nt going TO BE PRIVY to the military strategy of Hitler's inner circle ser cómplice, copartícipe
PROBATE But PROBATE has now been granted prueba plena de autenticidad, validar o legalizar un testamento
PROFILE I saw him in PROFILE as you'll appreciate de perfil; perfil, contorno, recorte;profile paper= papel cuadriculado
PRONE TO Which was both isolationist and PRONE to leak to every newspaper around dispuesto, propenso, inclinado, prono
PROP (TO) She was lying on a day bed, PROPPED up with pillows merodear, andar acechando, rondar
PROWL But she seemed to be on the PROWL again, so watch out andar acechando, rondar (para robar algo); prowler= merodeador, rondador
PROWL (TO) Mrs. Oliver herself was PROWLING round the room, muttering to herself andar acechando, rondar (para robar algo); prowler= merodeador, rondador
PUDGY FANNED  in the PUDGY hands of a round-faced SS  regordete, gordinflon
PUDGY Her mouth widened in along curving line across the PUDGY shapelessnes of her face lodoso, cenagoso
PUNCH DRUNK They're PUNCH DRUNK on theories taladrar, punzar; dar puñetazos; punch= máquina de taladrar, Punch and Judy show= títeres
PUPPET Her husband was in Vichy at the time, advising the PUPPET government títero, muñeco
PURE, TO It's made of pured NOODLES with a drop of chocolate  tallarín, pasta alimenticia, fideo
PURGE Who had been executed in the PURGES, was outside Moscow purgar, purificar, limpiar
PURLOINED Having PURLOINED a triffle of daily wear in an unobtrusive manner. hurtar, robar; purloiner= ratero, ladrón
PUTTY Like something made in  PUTTY by a child who had strayed in to play masilla, cemento ; to putty= enmasillar
PYRE A hundred years ago it would have been sink or swim or the funeral PYRE pira, hoguera
QUACK (TO) Mrs. Oliver was still QUACKING happily charlatanear, graznar, echárselas de médico; charlatán, curandero
QUAINT He was a QUAINT little cock robin of a man de prístina belleza, rareza, primor exquisito arcáico; quaintness= belleza arcáica
QUALM An unpleasant QUALM shot across my mind as it occured to me that Juditch might be involved remordimiento de conciencia; qualmishness= náusea; quaintly= de un modo arcáico
QUALMS I felt sudden QUALMS remordimiento de conciencia; qualmishness= náusea; quaintly= de un modo arcáico
QUALMS I had occasionally had QUALMS as to whether Judith's absorption in her work.. remordimiento de conciencia; qualmishness= náusea; quaintly= de un modo arcáico
QUEER (TO) It's QUEER you should say that extraño, raro, (fam.) chiflado, excentrico; to ueer= poner a uno en mal lugar
QUELL (TO) I nearly uttered an indignant protest, but QUELLED it mitigar(un dolor), reprimir, sofocar; queller=opresor, sojuzgador
QUENCH (TO) Burbage and Co. had already QUENCHED a good deal of his spirit, I suspect, said David. apagar, matar( un fuego) , ahogar, sofocar; quechable= apagable, extinguible
QUERY  I got Jim Corrigan on the telephone early the next morning and put my QUERY to him pregunta, duda, signo interrogante(?); preguntar, indagar
QUICK, TO Metcalfe found his pulse QUICKENING acelerar, dar vida, avivarse, moverse más aprisa
QUILT, TO The workers in their TATTERED outfits of QUILTED  cotton WADDING acolchar
QUIT (TO) I do not think of QUITTING life quitarse, desisitr, parar, abandonar, renunciar, to quit scores=ajustar cuentas
QUIZZ People nowadays are conditioned to answering  QUIZZES examen o serie de preguntas; chulear, chancearse; quizzical= burlón, bromista
QUIZZICAL Boyd Carrington's glance was QUIZZICAL burlonamente; quizzical= burlón, bromista
QUIZZICALLY I turned my head to find Thyrza looking at me QUIZZICALLY burlonamente; quizzical= burlón, bromista
RACKETEER But what I mean was not gansterdom or RACKETEERS or Crime Barons contrabandista; valerse de la intimidación pa la exacción
RAFFLE After the PAUSE, Miss Macalister cast doubts on the honestly of the RAFFLE for the live duck rifa, sorteo, lotería; to raffle= rifar
RANGE This morning I could see she was in a RANGING fever distancia que recorre alguna cosa, transcurso, recorrido; to range= recorrer, alinear
RAKE (TO) Have I RAKED UP something that hurts? rascar, pasar el rastro; rake= rastro, rastrillo, rake dredge=draga barredera
RALLY (TO) He seemed to think he ought to RALLY to a namesake reunir y reanimar, unión o reunión
RAMBLING A RAMBLING monotone of words came from her lips correo , divagación; to ramble= ir por las ramas, vagar, divagar; rambler= vagabundo, callejero
RANDOM There was nothing RANDOM about this coincidence azar, casualidad; at random= a la aventura
RANKLE (TO) I now perceived that this had RANKLED enconarse, causar encono, resentimiento o enojo, inflamarse
RANT (TO) You scream and you RANT and you boast ot what you've done gritar, desvariar; ranter= vociferador, enorgúmeno
RANT (TO) It's no good RANTING. I shall do exactly as I please with my life gritar, desvariar; ranter= vociferador, enorgúmeno
RAP (TO) I went upstairs feeling unhappy and worried, and RAPPED on Poirot's door tocar a la puerta; to take the rap= pagar el pato; tocar, dar un golpe seco
RAP (TO) I RAPPED loudly on the door, calling as I did so: Norton - wake up ! tocar a la puerta; to take the rap= pagar el pato; tocar, dar un golpe seco
RATTLE (TO) Sybil RATTLED her horrid toy affectionately hacer sonar como una carraca, batir o sacudir con ruido
RATTLE, TO Hear them RATTLE, detect what he was hiding parlotear,  charlatear, hacer sonar como una carraca
RAVE (TO) If you have something who RAVES and staggers about with straws in their hair desvariar, disparatar; to rve abour= entusiasmarse locamente por
RAVENOUS Shakespeare always makes me RAVENOUS famélico, voraz; ravenously= vorazmente; ravenousness= voracidad, rapacidad
RAVISH, TO Was Geneviève , RAVISHING in her black dress arrebatador, embriagador (to ravish= arrebatar, encantar)
REALM (TO) And has really done first-class work already in the REALM of tropical medicine reino, región, dominio
REASSURE(TO) I felt exactly as though I were being REASSURED by a surgeon before an operation tranquilizar, afirmación repetida;confianza establecida; reassuring=tranquilizador
REBUFF(TO) Ginger REBUFFED a weak suggestion of mine about a false gas meter man rechazar, desairar; rebuff= repulsa, desaire
RECEDE (TO) The chin RECEDED a little retrocede, cejar; desistir, desdecirse
RECOIL (TO) Business seems to have RECOILED upon Ginger recular, retirarse, cejar, retroceder; recoil= reculada, rebufo, rechazo
REEL, TO  Metcalfe's head REELED, his thoughts spinning tambalear, haces eses, bambolear
REKINDLE, TO Perhaps you'll REKINDLE an old romance reavivr, volver a encender, despertar
RELUCTANCE I approched my task of interviewing Mrs. Tuckerton with the utmost RELUCTANCE repugnancia, desgana, disgusto; with reluctancy = de mala gana; reluctant= maldispuesto
RENOWN (TO) he was also RENOWNED as a first-class shot and big game hunter célebre, fama, renombre
REPENTANCE I'd say that the general idea was, REPENTANCE, confession, and a wish to make reparation arrepentimiento; repentant= arrepentido; to repent= arrepentirse
RESOURCEFUL My New York staff is quite small, as you know, but they're RESOURCEFUL mañoso, ingenieso, listo
RETICENCE His RETICENCE was easily explained reticencia, reserva; reticent= reticente, callado
RETORT (TO) You've got so many of them, I RETORTED replicar, devolver (un insulto); retord= réplica mordaz
RETORT, TO My plane is scheduled to leave in fifteen minutes!, the Spaniard RETORTED. Make it quick! replicar, devolver (un insulto)
RETRAIN  I often find myslf despairing at your lack of RESTRAINT when it comes to the fairer sex restricción,  moderación freno(to restrain=frenar, moderar)
RETRIEVE, TO The sound of a weapon being RETRIEVED cargar (un arma), recuperar, recobrar
REVELRY  Gone was the REVELRY, the laughter of everning strollers jarana,  parranda revel=ir de parranda)
REVERIE Metcalfe was startled out of this REVERIE ensueño, embelesamiento
REVERSAL But I suffered a complete REVERSAL of feeling reversión, inversión; revers= vuelta
REVOLT, TO Along with the smell of male discharges that had not been washed away. Quite REVOLTING, actually repugnante, asqueroso (to revolt=indignar, chocar, sentir repugnancia)
RIDDLE You know I'm not much good at your RIDDLES acertijos, enigma, adivinanza
RIFE Superstition runs RIFE in isolated hamlets abundante; rifely= abundantemente
ROAM, TO Tribes that ROAMED the  glacier scarred terrain vagar, anda errante
ROAM, TO His eyes ROAMED the asphalt-paved parking LOT vagar, andar errante
ROOK he had a ROOK rifle with himmand was carrying a couple of dead-wood pigeons corneja
ROTTER I knew instinctively that Allerton was a ROTTER mierda, putrefacción
ROTTER I can see for myself the sort of ROTTER he is, I said bitterly mierda, putrefacción
RUDDY A small, neat young man with RUDDY cheeks rojo, rojizo
RUEFUL He implied by his stance, his RUEFUL grin lastimoso, apesarado, lamentable (to rue=lamentar, deplorar)
RUEFUL His wrath was so comical and so RUEFUL , that we both laughted lastimoso, apesarado, lamentable (to rue=lamentar, deplorar)
RUEFULLY I bet he would, he added RUEFULLY, that I should be much good at doing a murder tristemente, muy a su pesar
RUNG The RUNGS  were used as ladders by chimney sweeps to gain access to the flues peldaño de una escalera, travesaño de silla
RUSTLE  If she heard the RUSTLE of the stiff papers inside the lining of his jacket crujido, murmullo ( to rustle=crujir, susurrar)
RUSTY Bit RUSTY nowadays. aGE WILL TELL mohoso; rust= orín, moho; to rust= enmohecerse
SABOTEUR With talk of SABOTEURS  and spies saboteador
SALLOW And a SALLOW  complexion, his cheeks PITTED with acne scars pálido, lívido, cetrino; sallowness= palidez, amarillez
SAPIENTLY He nodded SAPIENTLY at my answers sabiamente; sapinient= sabio; sapience= sapiencia
SASH While still holding on to the window SASH marc de ventana, faja(mil,)cinturón
SAUNTER, TO He SAUNTERED down the alley, resisting the impuls to run vagar, andar despacio y sin objeto
SCALPEL The surgeon, I thought, picks up his SCALPEL escalpelo; scalp= cuero cabelludo, comprar y revender acciones, billetes
SCALPER What were the chances that a seat he had bought at the last minute from a SCALPER outside the Bolshoi vendedor de billetes
SCARCE Foreigners were SCARCE and were watched carefully, and blending in with the native raro,  escaso; to make one's self scarse= ausentarse, largarse; scarcely= apenas
SCATHING Poirot's SCATHING remarks on the subject of playing the game were only too familiar to me severisimo
SCENT (TO) He became acquainted with the Franklins and at once I SCENTED danger oler, olfatear; scentless= inodoro, sin olor, sin olfato
SCION It was the ATTIRE, after all, of the SCION of Metclfe Industries descendiente, esqueje
SCOFFING SCOFFING approach is bad mofarse o burlarse de; scoffingly= con mofa y escarnio
SCOOP, TO Though SCOOPING them out of there can be a bit HAIRY sacar con pala o cuchara sccop: cucharón, pala de mano
SCORN  A certain, FLIRTATIOUSNESS, a COYNESS, the SCORN and CONTEMPT desprecio, escarnio, menosprecio, scorner= despreciador; scornful= despreciativo, desdeñoso
SCORNFUL And she was often SCORNFUL and impatient of what she called my sentimental and outworn ideas despreciatio, desdeñoso
SCOURER I have to buy her a new saucepan SCOURER or a carpet brush, or something dull desengrasador, sacamanchas; scour= fregar, quitar estregando
SCOWL  The old lady inquired with a SCOWL fruncir el ceño, poner mal gesto; scowl=ceño, sobrecejo
SCOWL, TO He drew closer to the policeman , SCOWLING mirar con ceño, fruncir el ceño, poner mal gesto
SCRAP Things, half remembered SCRAPS of knowledge, drew together fragmento, pedacillo, migaja; scrap paper= papel de baja calidad para apuntes
SCRAWNY While next to him stood a woman with a SCRAWNY,  screaming baby in her arms flacucho
SCREECH, TO But before Metcalf could reply, the limousine SCREECHED  to a halt chillar, ulular
SCURRY, TO With heavily painted faces SCURRIED by in satin TUTUS and toe shoes escabullirse, poner en fuga, escaparse, fuga precipitada
SÉANCE and hold SÉANCES and planchette runs luridly over sheets of blank paper sesiòn ( de espiritistas)
SECRETIVE A queer, dark, SECRETIVE child, with a passion for keeping her own counsel reservado, callado; secretiveness= inclinación a ocultar o esconder
SELF-EVIDENT I brushed aside this SELF-EVIDENT fact evidente, inconrovertible
SELF-RESTRAINT At cards her SELF-RESTRAINED failed dominio de si mismo
SELFSAME How long ago was it that I had taken his SELFSAME journey? idéntico, mismísimo
SHABBINESS It was a city of SHABBINESS  and grandeur, desperatin and pride ruindad, menquindad, estado zarrapastroso; shabby= gastado, raído
SHAM (TO) He would have known that I was SHAMMING similar, fingir; sham fight= simulacro
SHEATH Sybil Diana Helen, you are set free from your mortal SHEATH  vaina, funda, estuche, envoltura
SHEER Made of the SHEEREST GOSSAMER pink silk fino, ligero (tejido), puro, claro
SHEER (TO) Yes, but she got frightened, and SHEERED off when I tried to ask her questions desviarse, cambio de dirección
SHIELD (TO) She let you think so, thereby SHIELDING  herself from clumsy sympathy  esacudar, amparar, proteger
SHIRK Don't let's SHIRK  the issues evadir, eludir, esquivar, desentenderse de; shirk= el que se evade de hacer algo
SHIRKED Those must be carried through and not SHIRKED or set aside evadir, eludir, esquivar, desentenderse de; shirk= el que se evade de hacer algo
SHOVE (TO) Having completed this list and SHOVED it into his shoe meter, empujar; along=hacer avanzar, out= empujar hacia fuera; shove= empujón, impulso
SHREWD Only his eyes were the same as ever, SHREWED and twinKling pespicaz, sagaz, astuto; shrewdness= sagacidad, astucia; shrewdly= sagazmente
SHREWD But I had a SHREWD idea of where they might be pespicaz, sagaz, astuto; shrewdness= sagacidad, astucia; shrewdly= sagazmente
SHREWD The coroner was an able mindle-aged man with a SHREWD glance and a dry manner of speech pespicaz, sagaz, astuto; shrewdness= sagacidad, astucia; shrewdly= sagazmente
SHREWISH So charming the, so apt to turn SHREWISH with the years regañon, gruñidor,; shrewishly= de muy mal humor; shrewishness= mal genio
SHRUBBERY It was much shaded by a gargantuan Victorian SHRUBBERY  arbustos; shrub= abusto; srubbiness= abundancia de arbustos
SHUFFLE (TO) A bewildering SHUFFLING and reshuffling of memories mezclar, barajas ( naipes); to shuffle along= arrastrar los pies; shuffle=barajadura, evasiva
SHUTTLE, TO Obviously the man wasn't trying to be SHUTTLE moverse alternativamente de un lado para otro
SICKLE And GILTED seats beneath a gilt hammer and SICKLE hoz, segadera
SIDLE, TO He SIDLED  this way for a few minutes until he reached teh column of iron rungs andar o moverse de lado u oblicuamente, acercarse tímida o furtivamente
SILL Sybil rose and fetched an object from a window SILL antepecho de ventana,  umbral de puerta
SIP (TO) She was SIPPING Pernod and frowing sorber
SLAM(TO) I SLAMMED down the receiver ceerrar de golpe y con estrépito; portazo; slam gang= de golpe y porrazo
SLAPDASH But there was somethin peculiarly SLAPDASH chapucero, de prisa, de una vez, de un golpe (slap=bofetón, manotada)
SLAT Stepping  gingerly along the city, sich iron SLATS , he made his way around tablilla, loncha de madea o metal
SLATTERN She's a bit of a SLATTERN, it seems mujer desaliñada, puerco; slatternliness= desaliñadamente
SLAVISH wearing glassed and a small mustache in SLAVISH imitation of his Führer servir, abyecto, esclavizado
SLEW This time, you see, it worked. It spared the innocent and SLEW the guilty matar ( to slay)
SLIM The differenc between success and failure might be as SLIM  as a few seconds delgado, sutil, débil
SLOUCH (TO) And all going to this degenerate, ill-mannered girl, SLOUGHING  about in the coffee bars echándose a perder, echar una costra, tejido muerto o la piel ; slough=lodazal, cenagal o fangal
SLUMP, TO An he SLUMPED to the floor with an ANGUISHED WAIL escaping his lips caer, hundirse el pie en una materia blanda
SLUMP, TO Lying SLUMPED on the ground against the concrete wall of the hangar caer, hundirse el pie en una materia blanda
SLINK (TO) I turned on her angrily and she SLUNK away murmuring she hadn't meant anything  escabullirse, escaparse, escurrirse
SLY Her eyes had a SLY knowing look astuto, disimulado; on the sly= a hurtadillas, a la chitacallando slyly= astutamente, disimuladamente
SMIRK (TO) There is no other word for chair and SMIRKED sonrisa boba o afectada; sonreírse estupida o afectadamente
SMOULDER (TO)  She gave him a SMOLDERING look of whast she knew was passion arder humeando, sin llama, estar latente
SNAP (TO) Boyed Carrington SNAPPED: What's a bottle? echar la zarpa a, atrapar, arrebatar
SNAPPISH He had been tart and SNAPPISH with im arisco, agrio; snappishly= mordazmente,  con aspereza; snappishness= aspereza, sequedad
SNARL (TO) Now seen to no longer the SNARLING Demon King breathing fire and brimstone gruñir, refunfuñar; snarly= regañón, gruñon, malhumorado
SNIPER Standing to one side of the doorwsay in a SNIPER stance, he turned the knob and pull the door open  tirador apostado
SNORT She was interrupted by a SNORT from Boyd Carrington who was standing by the fireplace budifo, resoplido; to snort= resoplar, bufar; snot= moco
SOAR, TO She SOARED  as if UNTETHERED by gravity, as if propelled by magic remontarse, deslizarse horizontalmente sin motor
SOJOURN You had just depressed beyond words by your SOJOURN in a dreary convalescent home estancia, morada, permanencia; to sojourn= residir, morar, permanecer
SOLACE She flirted with Allerton as a kind of desperate SOLACE consuelo, alivio; to solace= consolar, solazar, confortar
SOOTH (TO) He then mixed her a sedative, SOOTHED her as best he could and went off back to work again calmar, aliviar, mitigar, consolar; soothing= calmante, sedante; soothingly= con dulzura, consoladoramente
SOOTHING Mr. Bradley's manner became even more bland and SOOTHING calmar, aliviar, mitigar, consolar; soothing= calmante, sedante; soothingly= con dulzura, consoladoramente
SOOTHING Poppy prattled happily and I found her company very SOOTHING calmar, aliviar, mitigar, consolar; soothing= calmante, sedante; soothingly= con dulzura, consoladoramente
SOOTHINGLY If you had your health - I began SOOTHINLY calmar, aliviar, mitigar, consolar; soothing= calmante, sedante; soothingly= con dulzura, consoladoramente
SORE she was naturally SORE about it enojado, picado, dolorido; sore=llaga, úlcera, dolor; sore need= necesidad extrema; sight= espectáculo doloroso
SPARSELY It was surprisingly large SPARSELY decorated a grandes trechos,  aquí y allá
SPARSELY Though rather SPARSELY furnished a grandes trechos,  aquí y allá, no densamente; sparce= esparcido, desparramado
SPARSELY That bungalow was SPARSELY furnished and all with stuff that he'd bought cheat at sales a grandes trechos,  aquí y allá, no densamente; sparce= esparcido, desparramado
SPECKLED If that isn't a SPECKLED woodpecker machita, motita, lunar, señal; to specker= jasperar, motear
SPICE Everyone, my friend, demanded a SPICE of danger in their lives condimentar con especias, especiar; spice= especias
SPLEEN You wouldn't have heard of them ! Connected with the SPLEEN mal humor , bazo ( anat.9; spleenful= bilioso, enfadadizo
SPLEEN Would you say it was all due to some gland in his SPLEEN or his sweetbread or something bazo; spleenful= bilioso
SPLIT (TO) With a foul taste in the mouth and a SPLITTING head cuarteada, desdoblamiento; to split= hender, partir, cuartear
SPLUTTER (TO) Really, I SPLUTTERED. I hardly think balbucear, farfullar
SPLUTTER, TO Bloody hell!, Compton-Jones SPLUTTERED balbucear, farfullar
SPOT, TO Normally he was quite adept at SPOTTING  SURVEILLANCE notar, distinguir; to spot=mancharse
SPOUT (TO) She enjoys SPOUTING all that stuff and seeing what effect it has on you arrojar o echar ( un líquido), correr a chorro; spout= espita, conducto; to go up the spout= irso todo en humo
SPOUTS You really believe that Thyrza SPOUTS come high-falutin nonsense conducto, fuentes de información; to spout= arrojar o echar (un líquido)
SPUR If I did a murder it would be done on the SPUR of the moment impulsivamente, sin pensarlo;  excitación, estímulo, espuela, aguijón; spur gear= rueda dentada
SPURIOUSLY Now you'll be all right! in a SPURIOUSLY cheerful way, and retired espuriamente; spuriousness= falsedad, bastardía
SPURN, TO This was not the impetuous reaction of a lover who felt SPURNED, rejected despreciar, menospreciar, rechazar a puntapiés
SQUINT, TO She SQUINTED, he eyew all but disappearing beneath the folds of skin mirar de través, de soslayo; bizcar; squint= estrabismo, miada bizca
STACK He paused , withdrew a small STACK of rubbles and handed it to the guard montón
STAFFER He was the only regular STAFFER oficial de estado mayor
STAG, TO The thought of such power in the hands of madmen was STAGGERING tambaleante; to stagger= hacer tambalear, hacer eses
STAGGER (TO) If you have something who raves and STAGGERS about with straws in their hair hacer vacilar, tambalear, haces eses, titubear
STALE They were STALE añejo, viejo, rancio, pasado
STALE The bar, not yet open, was on my left, on my right was a minute lounge smelling of STALE smoke viciado ( e aire) anejo, viejo, rancio pasado; stale bread= pan viejo
STALE, TO  They were STALE when you gave them to me añejo, viejo, rancio, pasado
STALKING The Pale Horse was a STALKING HORSE, neither more nor less máscara, disfraz; stalk= tallo, tronco de hortalizas; to stalk= cazar al acecho
STALL (TO) Splendid I said, STALLING for time dar largas a un asunto, hacer demora para ganar tiempo; estar atascado, ahogarse ( el motor)
STALL (TO) I couldn't  STALL  for time dar largas a un asunto, hacer demora para ganar tiempo; estar atascado, ahogarse ( el motor)
STALL, TO And not just STALLED ON the highway, but in the middle of a tunnel estar atascado, atollado, pararse, ahogarse ( el motor)
STANCE He implied by his STANCE, his rueful grin postura, posición (especialmente de los pies)
STARCH, TO Daniel STARCHED white shirt with her index finger almidonar, atiesar
STARVE (TO) Her STARVED and barren girlhood would not stand in the way of her ultimate happiness morir de hambre; to starve out= hacer rendirse por hambre
STEALTH  He never appear at a news conference; he acts in STEALTH cautela, reserva, recato ; by stealth= a hurtadillas; steadthily= chandestinamente
STEEP Five hundred to one? That's very STEEP excesivo, exorbitante, empinado; precipicio, despeñadero
STEM, TO  But wat did he fear STEM  from? radicar en, emanar de; stem= tallo; from stem to stem= de proa a popa
STENCH The STENCH of cheap cigarettes with French prostitutes hedor, mierda
STENCH Then, after washing his hands fastidiously to remove the STENCH, he left the whore's department mierda, hedor
STERN He was accosted by a STERN male voice firme, duro, severo
STEVEDOVE He started life as a STEVEDORE but it seems most unlikely estivador, cargador de muelle
STIFFEN (TO) Then I saw, and STIFFENED all over obstinarse; to stiffen= atiesar, endurecer, espesar; stiffly= tiesamente, obstinadamente
STIFLE (TO) the thought was too much for me - a STIFLED exclamation of pain and regret came to my lips sofocar, ahogar, asfixiar, acto  o condición de sofocar
STINK Wretched girl, Fancy being cooped up doing STINKS of a morning like this hedor, mierda; stinker= persona vil , tipo despreciable
STIR (TO) I STIRRED the foaming cup placed in front of me conmover, irritar; to stir= agitar, batir, menear; to stir de fire= atizar o avivar el fuego
STIR (TO) She seemed neither shocked nor STIRRED conmover, irritar; to stir= agitar, batir, menear; to stir de fire= atizar o avivar el fuego
STOOP (TO) There was a woman's figure STOOPING over one of the garden beds ir encorvado; agacharse, doblar o inclinar el cuerpo; stooplingly= con inclinación  hacia abajo
STOOP, TO He STOOPED to pick up his pistol, shaking his head in silent disgust agacharse, doblar o inclinar el cuerpo, ir encorvado
STRAFE, TO Another VOLLEY of gunfire STRAFED teh nose NACELLE bombardeo violento, ametrallamiento aéreo
STRAIGHTFORWARD Everything I've done has always been perfectly STRAIGHTFORWARD and ABOVE BOARD honrado, recto, derecho
STRAINED Poirot looked white and STRAINED tensión, tirantez; to strain= hacer fuerza a, forzar ( la vista, los nervios, etc.)
STRAY I drew patterns on the plastic table top with a STRAY fork extraviado, perdido; to stray = descarriarse, extraviarse
STRAY (TO) Who had STRAYED in to play in a sculptor's studio extraviado, perdido; to stray = descarriarse, extraviarse
STRYCHNINE Posioned with STRYCHNINE estricnina(quim.)
SUAVELY Metcalfe replied SUAVELY. Forgive me. suave, afable, urbano
SUBTLE  Then somehting caughis his eye: something SUBTLE, imperceptible to anyone else perspicaz, sutil, astuto
SUBTLETY They report SUBTLETIES, joking asides, that sort of thing. sutileza, astucia, artificio
SUBTLY Obvious - SUBTLY sacrificed for heavy-handed warning sutilmente, artificionasamente
SUFFICE (TO) Poirot shrugged his shoulders. It's SUFFICES. It is not , you comprehend bastar, ser suficiente; sufface to say= basta decir
SUGGESTIVE Occasionaly inaccurate, sometimes SUGGESTIVE sugerente, sugestivo
SURMISE But that's all SURMISE conjetura, suposición
SURMISES I stared after her, so engrossed in my SURMISES conjetura, suposición
SURVEILLANCE Normally he was quite adept at SPOTTING  SURVEILLANCE vigilancia
SWAY (TO) He SWAYED slightly to and fro on his feet tambalear, inclinar, ladear; to give full sway to= dar ancho campo a 
SWAY, TO She SWAYED, ever so slightly, in time to the orchestra's jazzy rendition of "imagination" inclinar, ladear
SWELL And the way it concealed and yet  revealed the SWELL of her breasts, her tiny waist protuberancia, prominencia, bulto, hinchazón
SWELLING Her voice rose in a great SWELLING fury hinchazón, inflación; swelling breast=  seno agitado; to swell= hinchar, inflar
SWELTER, TO The casement windows there were rarely opened except on the most SWELTERING of summer days sofocar, achicharrar, abrumar el calor
SWISH There was a faint SWISH of draperies and Mrs. Luttrell evidently flounced out of the room movimiento o silbido del látigo o bastón al cortar el aire
SWIVEL, TO Keeping the weapon pointed, he SWIVELED from side to side girar, o hacer girar sobre un eje (articulación giratoria)
SWOON You'll have to pardon some of my female guess if they SWOON desvanecerse, desmayarse
SYRUP They want soothing SYRUP. They want hope jarabe
TACITURN She was in some respects a TACITURN girl, and sometimes did not answer taciturno
TACKLE (TO) You'll have to TACKLE the stepmother abordar ( un problema), agarrar, asir; tankle hooks=ganchos de aparejo
TACKLE (TO) For something overt that I could TACKLE abordar ( un problema), agarrar, asir; tankle hooks=ganchos de aparejo
TACKLE (TO) If I were to TACKLE Allerton abordar ( un problema), agarrar, asir; tankle hooks=ganchos de aparejo
TAINT, TO They could BE TAINTED in the eyes of  their superiors inficionarse, podrirse, corromperse; taintless=incorrupto, puro
TAMPER (TO) Someone may have seen you TAMPERING with the tablets tocar lo que no se debe, corromper ( a un testigo), sobornar; tamper= pisón
TANKARD We were sitting together with two large TANKARDS of beer opposite us taza grande para beber, pichel
TART he had been TART and snappish with him mordaz, ácido, picante
TARTLY Mrs. Luttrell said TARTLY, That's your business, George agriamene, mordazmente; tartness= acidez
TATTER, TO The workers in their TATTERED outfits of QUILTED  cotton WADDING andrajoso, harapiento
TEDIUM He'd go out of his mind with the TEDIUM of it all if he hadn't found his Red Poppy tedio, aburrimiento, pesadez
THALLIUM Do you know how to treat THALLIUM poisoning? talio (quim.)
THATCH His hair was a thick blond THATCH, his eyes pale barda, tejado de paja; to thatch=techar con paja
THREADBARE Fifi the podle had settled down on the THREADBARE rug near the couch raído, muy usado, gastado
THROTTLE As the plane accelerated the THROTTLE pushed full open gaznate, gollete o cuello de botella
THUD, TO Daniel's heart was THUDDING. He was about to attempt something dangerous hacer un sonido sordo de un objeto duro con otro blando
THUG It doesn't employ ordinary THUGS or gunmen asesinos, miembros de una secta de asesinos fanáticos de la India
THWART (TO) I'd take a pleasure in thwarting their expectations desbaratar, impedir, frustrar; transversal, oblicuo, atravesado
THWART (TO) Dr. Frankling eager, ambitious, curbed and THWARDED, his wife a prey to ill health desbaratar, impedir, frustrar; transversal, oblicuo, atravesado
TICKLE (TO) Mr. Tuckerton will be impressed, and probably TICKLED to death to see you Tickle to= halagar, hacer cosquillas. Tickle to death= contentísimo
TICKLE (TO) That understatement made so primly, had always TICKLED my fancy halagar, hacer cosquillas
TILL A man's having killed some helpless old woman for the money in the TILL cajón o gaveta para guardar dinero; to till= labrar, cultivar
TILT, TO Actually TILTING his head to catch the reflection in the glass inclinar, ladear
TINFOIL He tugged at the Crimped TINFOIL hoja o papel de estaño
TINKLE  The tinkle of china and crystal, excited voices, carefree laughter tintinear, campanillear
TINKLING He felt a TINKLING sensation, some kind of premonition re(tintín), tintineo
TITTER, TO The other women TITTERED and cackled reír entre dientes, risita,cloquear
ADDLE ( TO) it seems TO ADDLE their wits confundir, embrollar , echar (se) a perder
HALVE (TO) A trouble shared it's a trouble HALVED Dividir en dos partes
HOVER ( TO) Onstage, she floated, HOVERED, flew, her ethereal aura heightened by her porcelain skin revolotear, cubrir con la alas
JOT (TO) Half a moment, I JOTTED DOWN a few things To jot down ( apuntar, tomar notas) ; jOT= pizca, ápice, tilde
RELIEVE (TO) Hermia was clearly relieved at my ACQUIESCENCE consentimiento, asenso, conformidad
USHER (TO) Leading the way, Mr. Osborne USHURED Lejeune into the small bungalow which was the ACME of neatness introducir, aposentar, acomodar; usher= acomodador, conserje, aposentador
TOSH I could quote you chapters of TOSH tonterías, música celestial
TOSS (TO) Nurse Craven TOSSED her head contemptuously sacudir, agitar, mover; to toss aside= echar a un lado
TOT But I played with you as a tiny TOT when I was a young man chiquitín, nene
TOUSLE ( TO) A TOUSLED mop of red hair, an engagingly freckled face and alert despeinar, desgreñar, alborotar (los cabellos) ; tousle= greña
TRAMPLE No, you just TRAMPLE them down if they happen to be in your way pisotear, pisar, atropellar
TREACHEROUS It would be TREACHEROUS traidor, traicionero
TRIPPING I was prevented from replying because Nurse Craven came TRIPPING hastily across the grass veloz, ágil, liero
TUG (TO) I felt Norton TUGGING at me, and suddenly, meekly, I turned tirar de, arrastrar 
TUG (TO) He TUGGED less at his moustache tirar de, arrastrar 
TUMBLE OUT, TO The information TUMBLED OUTof her in a terried rush venirse abajo, desplomarse
TURF If you've got multiple agents covering the same TURF, we risk stepping all over each other césped, turba
TWINGE  Metcalfe felt a TWINGE of paranoia causar o sentir un dolor agudo, punzada 
TWINGE I felt a TWINGE of pain as I remembered his pride in them causar o sentir un dolor agudo, punzada 
TWINKLE (TO) Only his eyes were the same as ever, shrewed and TWINKLING pestañear, parpadear, destellar; in the twinkling of an eye= en un abrir y cerrar de ojos
TWINKLE (TO) Norton said with a slight TWINKLE: Not unless you had an axe of your own to grind pestañear, parpadear, destellar; in the twinkling of an eye= en un abrir y cerrar de ojos
TWITCH (TO) Frogs TWITCHING their legs on railings tirar o sacudir bruscamente; twitch= sacudida, contracción nerviosa
TWITTER (TO) Mrs. Luttrell TWITTERED to him delightedly, whilst he flattered her lazily gorjear los pájaros; temblar de agitación
UNDERSTATEMENT That UNDERSTATEMENT, made so primly, had always tickled my fancy proposiciòn en la que no se dice todo, se dice menos de lo que realmente hay
UNEVEN The place was truly a caveau-UNEVEN, cracked some floor desigual, escabroso, quebrado
UNFATHOMABLE carrying for some reason UNFATHOMABLE to me an enormous plastic pail of bright green. sin fondo, insoldable
UNFETTERED Had he lost of UNFETTERED movement, of liberty to explore libre, sin cadenas, sin trabas; desencadenar, desbravar (bestias)
UNGAINLY An ugly man and an UNGAINLY man desmañado, torpe, degarbado
UNGUENT She was anointing it with some UNGUENT ungüento
UNHEED (TO) Trying to remember something so far UNHEEDED - some tiny gforgotten incident desatendido, despreciado
UNHINDERED He was able to make his way, UNHINDERED, toward a beige-painted doorway sin obstáculos, trabas
UNRAVEL (TO) Thes clumsy attemps TO UNRAVEL a secret that I refuse to reveal to you desenredar, desemarañar
UNTHETHERED She SOARED  as if UNTETHERED by gravity, as if propelled by magic liberatado, desatado
UNTTAINABLE It protected her, no doubt, but it also made her more remote, more UNATTAINABLE inalcanzable, inasequible
UPTURNED The delicate UPTURNED. The breathtaking beauty, the red-lipsticked POUT respingada (nariz); to upturn= vuelta hacia arriba
USER IN (TO) Looking rather like a deputation, the four of us were USHERED IN introducir, aposentar, acomodar; usher= acomodador, conserje, aposentador
UTTERLY The police will be UTTERLY baffled completamente, absolutamente, totalmente
UTTERLY Judith, you can be UTTERLY depraved completamente, absolutamente, totalmente
VALET Poirot's VALET George had  been with him for many years criado, paje; aguijòn para adiestrar caballos
VALET  I had to contain myself until the VALET had finished and left the room criado, paje; aguijòn para adiestrar caballos
VALET I came to Eastbourne to see George, formerly Poirot's VALET criado, paje; aguijòn para adiestrar caballos
VAULT, TO He VAULTED past the man, toward the CURB, leaping onto the moving streetcar voltear, salar por encima apoyando las manos en potro de madera
VENEER And all her exactions were masked by a VENEER of patient endurance apariencia, capa exterior; to vaneer= enchapar, revestir, tapar
VENEER (TO) Behing the VENEER of her charming old lady manner apariencia, capa exterior; to vaneer= enchapar, revestir, tapar
VERANDA Mrs. Luttrell was brought down and sat on the VERANDA pórtico, galería, balcón largo
VERBATIN I found it a simple matter to repeat conversations VERBATIM al pié de la letra, palabra por palabra
VERGE, ON THE They are ON THE VERGE OF bankruptcy estar al borde de, acercarse a, tender
VERGE, TO Her reluctance to take him to her apartment VERGED on the comical acercarse a, rayar en
VOLLEY Another VOLLEY of gunfire STRAFED the nose NACELLE descarga cerrada; to volley= lanzar una descarga
WAD And put out from its lining the WAD of papers, somewhat the worse for wear rollo ( de papelews, billetes)
WAD He PRODUCED a small WAD of dollars, far more than the transaction required rollo ( de papelews, billetes)
WADDING The workers in their TATTERED outfits of QUILTED  cotton WADDING guata, entreforro; wad= borra o pelote para rehenchir muebles
WAFT, TO It WAFTED from a number of the Russian woman, in their LOWCUT evening gowns llevar por el aire o por encima del agua, flotar, mecer
WAGER Moreover, he said, I'd WAGER his brain is as keen as ever it was apostar, poner (apuesta); wager of battle= prueba del duelo
WAIT An he SLUMPED to the floor with an ANGUISHED WAIL escaping his lips gemido, lamento; to wail= lamentarse, gemir
WARILY He passed a street policeman who eyed him WARELY, OGLING Metcalf's GARB cauteloso o cuidadosamente
WARPED a man who might kill for some strange WARPED reason of his own torcerse, desviarse, apartarse del camino recto
WAVE (TO) I was silent for a moment. My mind WAVERED- turning from light to darkness and back again ondear o flamear, tremolar, hacer señas o señales
WEATHERED A scrawny old man as WEATHERED as his bar gastado o deterioraedo por la intemperie
WEIRD You send the dead forth - to cause death. WEIRD idea, isn't it? misterioso, horripilante, fantástico, sobrenatural; weirdness=calidad de horripilante y misterioso
WELSHERS We don't like WELSHERS galés
WENCH That WENCH of yours was running about with a bottle in her hand that evening ramera, moza, criada
WHINE, TO  The engines REVVED,  WHINED plañir, gemir, lamentarse
WHINE, TO  The WHINING vaccuum cleaner gemir, plañir
WHIP (TO) Thyrza WHIPPED out the glove from the machine whip out= sacar prontamente;  up= agarrar, off= ahuyentar con latigazos
WHIP OUT, TO Ready to WHIP OUT  if he needed it zafarse, escaparse
WIELD A man who could WIELD power-and never knows to WIELD power manejar, empuñar, esgrimir
WIG He wore a WIG and had adorned his upper lid to amuse the children peluca
WIGGLE(TO) The foreginger was now WIGGLING excitendly menear(se) rápidamente, culebrear
WILFUL I was complaining, for the umpteenth time, of his WILFUL refusal to admit me to his confidence voluntarioso
WINCE At first appeared to be a WINCE respingo; to wince= retroceder, recular)
WINTER (TO) Then I shall WINTER in Egypt pasar el invierno
WITHERED If one didn't see  the POLIO-WITHERED  legs marchitar, deslucir, poner mustio
WITS (OUT OF) Scared them OUT OF THEIR WITS no saber uno que hacer o que decir, perder la chaveta
WOOBLE, TO  Bishop said with a CHORTLE, his entire belly shook, and his double chin WOBBLED hacer tambalearse o vacilar; wobble = bamboleo
WOODPECKER If that's a spekled WOODPECKER pájaro carpintero
WRATH His WRATH was so comical and so rueful, that we both laughed cólera
WREATH, TO Now he was genial,  WREATHED in smiles enguirnaldar, ceñir, rodear
WRIGGLE (TO) Keep quiet, Sheila. don't WRIGGLE menear, retorcer : wriggle away =escaparse culebreando
WRONG (TO) The younger Fergueson going out to seek for the man who has WRONGED his sister causar perjuicio a, hacer mal a, ofender
WROUGHT Nothing is so ad, in my opinion, as the devastation WROUGHT by age forjado, labrado, trabajado
WRING (TO) nevertheless my heart was WRUNG for my old friend who was fighting so gallantly every step atormentar, aquejar, torcer, retorcer
WRYLY Despard remarked WRYLY that nobody nowadays could boast of  torcidamente; wry= torcido, doblado
YAP, TO Her poodle, Fifi, ran in circles  at her feet, growling and YAPPING ladrar
YIELD (TO) Judith had YIELDED producir, rendir, rentar
STACK He made his way along the STACKS of split wood montón, (fam.) abundancia
SLIMY The floor became muddy and SLIMY in one area limoso, mucoso, viscoso
KNOB He pounded again, then tried the KNOB and was suprised tirador de puerta, prominencia, bulto
GRIDDLE The middle aged man as frying some mysterious kind of cutlets on a GRIDDLE tortera(cocina), tapadera de fogón
REHEARSE (TO) Medcalfe TRAIPSED  over to the wooden shelter, mentally REHEARSING his line of patter ensayar, repasar, repetir